10 Reasons Why Reebok Classics Won — KicksOnFire

Superb article over at KicksOnFire from August which really summarises Reebok Classics efforts over the last year or so. It actually brings a lump to my throat to think that only a few years back Reebok were an almost irrelevant brand in global sneaker culture, having once sat right at the top alongside Nike in the late 80’s with the advent of The Pump.

Whilst the article is predominantly US-focussed (and actually a shame they don’t even lightly cover the OG runners from across the pond), I’d like to think that Retrobok has been a small – very small perhaps – part of Reebok Classics resurgence. I’ll stop blubbing now, go read!!

KicksOnFire — 10 Reasons Why Reebok Classics Won


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