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As part of Reebok Classics “Tech 90’s” campaign, and following directly on from a similar release pattern as the Ventilator and Inferno, comes the Sole Trainer OG. Originally released (at least in Europe) in 1990 as the Mantra HXL, this was a bold new step into a new decade with brand new Hexalite tech, aggressive styling and stitched-not-windowed Reebok branding on the upper. Read on for more info and colourways… 

Checking the stores here on Retrobok, these appear to be available in Europe but not yet elsewhere — although alongside the available OG colourways, Urban Industry is selling a new makeup in the form of Black/Steel/Teal Gem (pictured bottom of page). Personally I’m a little mixed about the Sole Trainer — I’d have preferred it retained its more dramatic and unique Mantra HXL name (perhaps some trademark issues are behind that), and I have mixed feelings about the finish quality of the Upper and midsole slashes — whether thats a deliberate vintage treatment I’m unsure about. 

” The Sole Trainer  was considered a breakthrough trainer at that time, offering the lightweight  forefoot and rear cushioning of HEXALITE technology while the molded straps on the forefoot and rear of the upper provided and snug comfortable fit. The Dupont molded Evalite midsole made it also the most durable lightweight trainer on the market at that time.” —Reebok Classics

Available now at Urban Industry (UK)End (UK) and Hanon (UK). —BokOne

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