BB 4600 Vintage


I haven’t heard much fanfare about the release of these Vintage BB 4600‘s, which is a real shame for a number of reasons. Firstly they were one of Reeboks’ earliest succesfull Basketball shoes born back in 1986 ; 3—4 years before the arrival of The Pump.

Secondly, Reebok Classics have done their on-point Vintage treatment on these with off-white midsoles, yellowed glue, and the accurate ‘stretched’ Reebok logo in the side window (non-OG colourways of the BB 4600 don’t get this treatment please note, a nice touch by Reebok Classics). Also, modern-day accoutrements such as ‘Reebok Classics’ on the tongue label have been removed, to heighten that OG authentic feel. And I absolutely love them, especially the Red/White — so 80’s they hurt!

The BB 4600 Vintage — a ‘quiet’ Classic then. Available now from Reebok UK.



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  1. Tried to get these a few years ago but Reebok UK wouldn’t ship to the US for some reason. Too bad. Can’t find these anywhere in my size.

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