CL Trail — Black/Orange/Grey


At first I thought this was a bit of a surprise, but as it’s heading straight into Winter in the UK, it makes perfect sense. The 2012 CL Trail shoe – if you haven’t picked up a pair – is a superb all-weather shoe, with a sealed upper, fleece inner lining and an outsole inspired by the 80’s Fell Runner (well-spaced treads to avoid debris pickup).

With this 2013 pair, some of these treatments appear to have changed with the Eyestay/Crosscheck wrapover and sidestripes in what appears to be a suede material, and the inner lining losing the fleece. Also, the large-print Reebok on the rear midsole section has been dropped ; a shame in my opinion as it gave the CL Trail a particularly unique appearance. Whilst I’m not personally loving this colourway, you may and I’d definitely recommend you pick up a pair of CL Trails for your collection one way or another; a bit of a quiet modern classic if you ask me. More pics after the jump. These available now from Offspring UK. —BokOne 

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