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Rumour — LX 8500 collabs with Highs & Lows, Sneaker Freaker?


Somebody has mentioned to me that HAL (Highs and Lows – Perth, Australia) and Sneaker Freaker (Melbourne, Australia) have completed their collab work on their own LX 8500 makeups. The first two retro’d colourways have been on the shelves for a few months now, and with Christmas looming I’m not expecting to see new collabs this side of the New Year — but it means that 2014 is already looking promising 🙂 —BokOne

Footpatrol x Reebok Classics — Classic Leather Mid ‘On the Rocks’


As we head towards the end of 2013, Reebok Classics are offering the CL Mid as ‘the’ collab shoe. It makes sense as Europe heads into Winter, and Londons’ Footpatrol showcases these sturdy looking mids, for release today — 21st November. I’m rather noticing the Retrobok-similiar Brown/Purple colourway too…. coincidence?

Read on for their more images, press release and links. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — ‘Sample’ Colourways available in USA

The curiousity of the new GL 2620 retro shoe continues, with this pair of colourways now available in the US. Retrobok discovered samples of these colours for sale a week or so ago from a Vietnamese seller so it’s a surprise to see them for sale officially. At first examination it appeared that these 2 colourways had lost the ‘crazed’ midsole effect as seen previously — but I have a feeling that the website designers have simply brightened up the images rendering the light grey crazing pattern invisible.

Personally I find the ‘China Red/Green Smash’ pair a bit much, but the ‘Shark/Bright Cadmium’ (Silver/Red) pair I’m liking more. You can head on over to Zappos to pick them up (they also sell the Black/Tin Grey colourway, which we’ve previously seen officially available) or click on for more images – all of which can be clicked for a detailed look.

I’m expecting my pairs of 2620‘s later this week for a further inspection. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Classic Leather Mid — Gore Tex®


Very nicely finished treatment to these Mid-cut variations of the Classic Leather, featuring a Gore-Tex covered canvas upper, D-ring lace hooks (much-needed on the recent Atmos X Reebok CL Mid), and a choice of laces. The colourway isn’t quite to my personal taste, but the clear quality of finish for these – and obvious practicality for those of you headed into Wintertime – is clear. Very nice work Reebok Classics! Click on for more pics, info and  pics via Freshnessmag. Available currently from SNS in Sweden.—BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Palace 27.12.13 — Short teaser

Very short teaser clip from the UK’s Palace Skateboards with what looks like another Reebok collab. Let’s watch this space! —BokOne

Reebok X SNS — Pump Twilight Zone “Punschrulle”

So, Punschrulle – in Swedish (Punsch Roll for the English speakers) is a “small cylindrical pastry covered with green marzipan with the ends dipped in chocolate, with an interior consisting of a mix of crushed cookies, butter, and cacao, flavoured with punsch liqueur”. Thanks Wikipedia… now, I’ve never heard of Punsch Liquer but this has to be one of the most specific makeups of the early 90’s Pump Twilight Zones I’ve yet seen, with SNS doing a great job of reminding the world of what culture Europe has to offer.

These are scheduled for November 27th in Europe. Retrobok will keep its’ eyes open for the release date on these. Images and info via PumpMyLife. More pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — Now on


Yes, these are the best images I can obtain: (USA) are offering  3 colourways of the mysterious GL 2620 shoe, including a new Grey/Blue/White colourway. If you’ve been visiting regularly you may also spot that these include the GL 2620 stitching on the heel, although it’s very hard to see whether the Black/White/Orange pair has this – closer inspection suggest not. 

Reebok Classics ; this is still a confusing release — shouldn’t every colourway include the heel stitching? One thing does make sense however – with prices for the 2620 being upto US $30 cheaper than the GL 6000 this is starting to make a little more sense.  —BokOne

Phase I Pro Vintage


First things first; these aren’t especially new, but I’ve only just spotted a 3rd colourway to the seriously retro Phase I Pro models, at Spanish store SivasDesCalzo.

I’m not 100% about whether all 3 of these are the Vintages of these — you may notice in the image above that only the 1st (Paperwhite/Silver) shoe has the accurate stretched Reebok logo, whilst the 2nd shoe (White/Creme/Blue) has more obvious vintage yellowing. The 3rd pair (Creme/Green) has the most traditional colourway for Tennis and looks brand new in comparison! Love these, and need a pair to add to my collection for sure.

Available now from Spains’ SivasDesCalzo and other global stockists. —BokOne

ERS Marathon Racer 1990


Here’s a retro ‘Bok I’ve never seen before — the 1990 ERS Marathon Racer. This looks like a serious running shoe featuring a very futuristic upper, stitched Reebok logos throughout and a HUGE ventilator window on the side of the upper.

It also packs one of the most interesting midsoles I’ve seen – 4 ERS tube indents, ERS logo, a stability notch near the small toe and what appears to be Energy Return System text across the heel back. Just a shame we can’t see the outsole, ‘though I suspect in a lightweight racing shoe such as this there would be no ERS tubes visible.

Image via the superb DefyNewYork — well worth a visit.

This shoe added to the Retrobok 90’s Shoe Archives page. —BokOne

GL 2620 — New colourway, availability and thoughts.

The GL 2620 rollout continues — this is a new retro shoe which I’m really really warming too, heavily influenced by the 1985/86 Phase II (midsole, upper construction, heel tab) and using the GL 6000‘s outsole and details such as the upper lace overlay tab. The heel stability counter I’m still curious about, but does appear very similiar to the Phase I’s. One small disappointment with these is the lack of boldly stitched GL 2620 on the heel wrap (see the crazy samples which included them here).

Whilst I’m extremely happy to see this shoe, I’m still wondering what Reebok Classics‘ reasons are for bringing this to market — it’s so similiar to the Phase II, (albeit with the GL nomenclature to give it a little extra kudos possibly) that I wonder if anyone other than retro Reebok fans will notice or appreciate them. Possible confusion is furthered with the recent wave of Phase II’s still being in some stores.

With the recent ‘new retros’ such as the ERS 1500 and GL 1500 which are more clearly ‘new’, I just wonder if the GL 2620 can stake it’s place out there — I’m trying to get hold of a pair ASAP to get my head around these. Whatever, they’re a superb retro shoe and Reebok Classics please don’t stop 🙂 Click on for more pics + link to buy at the end of the article. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Closer look — Reebok X Hanon Shop CL Lux


Received these very smart Hanon Shop CL Lux collabs recently and thought it maybe nice to share up some macro shots and thoughts. Read on!  Read the rest of this entry

Workout Plus Gore-Tex®


I’m a few days late reporting these, but Reebok has a Gore-Tex clad Workout Plus on the way to market shortly. These are really appealing to me, with a no-nonsense workman-like upper, black/red hiking laces with metal plackets, and the black midsole/outsole grounding things superbly. Great job Reebok! Click on for more images! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Shoe Gallery X Reebok Classic Leather — Flamingos at War


These…. now these are insane. I can’t find a more suitable word for them. Combining flamingo pink suede on the forefoot with a full camo upper on the rest of the shoe including the heel tab, they are one of the wildest treatments of the Classic Leather seen yet. They also do something I really like — darkening the midsole to give the shoe a slimmer appearance (though perhaps the gum outsole colour could have been different).

No word just yet on the release date of these, but Miami’s Shoe Gallery (no web store I’ve yet found, just a Twitter feed) will get a great deal of attention for this collab, just make your mind up on this crazy makeup…. Click on for more pics! —BokOne 

Initial info via Sneakernews (who haven’t yet spotted the Flamingos At War title…)  Read the rest of this entry

CL 1500 OG’s

LC1500 (5)
BokTwo spotted this pair of immaculate, unworn 30-year old LC 1500‘s on eBay, and while the pictures aren’t the best they are still a joy to see. Not to be mistaken with the CL 1500 these appear to have the outsole tread as used on the later ’86 Rapide, toe-wrap uppers matching the ’84 Paris Runner, and packing a couple of lace placketts (matching the ’84 CL 1500 and Womens’ CL 3000 of the time).

These were clearly a lightweight budget trainer, even if at the time they will have been far from cheap. Thanks again to BokTwo for the spot — check them or buy them on eBay UK right now. —BokOne 

Click on for more images & click images for larger view… Read the rest of this entry

Quick look — Atmos X Reebok CL Mid R12


Reebok Classics were extremely kind in sending me a pair of the recent Atmos collab with Reebok, running with the rarely-seen mid silhouette for the 30th Anniversary of the Classic Leather. In the case of this pair, the Leather in the title is slightly misleading as the upper is a matte synthetic material, with a glow-in-the-dark mesh underlay (and, I believe – tongue).

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