GL 2620 — New colourway, availability and thoughts.

The GL 2620 rollout continues — this is a new retro shoe which I’m really really warming too, heavily influenced by the 1985/86 Phase II (midsole, upper construction, heel tab) and using the GL 6000‘s outsole and details such as the upper lace overlay tab. The heel stability counter I’m still curious about, but does appear very similiar to the Phase I’s. One small disappointment with these is the lack of boldly stitched GL 2620 on the heel wrap (see the crazy samples which included them here).

Whilst I’m extremely happy to see this shoe, I’m still wondering what Reebok Classics‘ reasons are for bringing this to market — it’s so similiar to the Phase II, (albeit with the GL nomenclature to give it a little extra kudos possibly) that I wonder if anyone other than retro Reebok fans will notice or appreciate them. Possible confusion is furthered with the recent wave of Phase II’s still being in some stores.

With the recent ‘new retros’ such as the ERS 1500 and GL 1500 which are more clearly ‘new’, I just wonder if the GL 2620 can stake it’s place out there — I’m trying to get hold of a pair ASAP to get my head around these. Whatever, they’re a superb retro shoe and Reebok Classics please don’t stop 🙂 Click on for more pics + link to buy at the end of the article. —BokOne 

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Available now in the UK from Offspring (UK) (1 pair mistakenly titled as ‘GL 2623’)
The black and 2 other colourways are also available from Reebok USA.

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