GL 2620 — ‘Sample’ Colourways available in USA

The curiousity of the new GL 2620 retro shoe continues, with this pair of colourways now available in the US. Retrobok discovered samples of these colours for sale a week or so ago from a Vietnamese seller so it’s a surprise to see them for sale officially. At first examination it appeared that these 2 colourways had lost the ‘crazed’ midsole effect as seen previously — but I have a feeling that the website designers have simply brightened up the images rendering the light grey crazing pattern invisible.

Personally I find the ‘China Red/Green Smash’ pair a bit much, but the ‘Shark/Bright Cadmium’ (Silver/Red) pair I’m liking more. You can head on over to Zappos to pick them up (they also sell the Black/Tin Grey colourway, which we’ve previously seen officially available) or click on for more images – all of which can be clicked for a detailed look.

I’m expecting my pairs of 2620‘s later this week for a further inspection. —BokOne 2463732-p-4x 2463732-1-4x2463732-5-4x2463732-2-4x 2463732-6-4x2463731-p-4x2463731-1-4x2463731-2-4x2463731-6-4x  2463731-4-4x


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