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Field Guide XL — CL 30th Anniversary Collabs

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Classic Leather, Reebok Classics pulled out all the stops by collaborating with global Stores, Artists and Journalists to create some of the finest – and memorable – makeups of this legendary shoe.

Retrobok has pieced together every single collobaration, all available data, and shoe closeups for reference.

It’s been one hell of a year, so let’s get started … Retrobok_ICONNEW

Corrections welcomed. Many image resources used within
this article are via Hypebeast, and are used with respect.  Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — Closer look


Reebok Classics sent me a couple of pairs of the recently-released GL 2620 — another ‘new retro shoe’ following on from the ERS 1500 and GL 1500, all of which are budget/mid-range shoes, and all of which take cues from OG classic Reeboks in different ways.

With the release of the 2620 (a number I’m still not understanding the significance of – why not GL 3000 perhaps?…), there were a few things I wanted to understand. Firstly, how much of a lovechild of the Phase I/Phase II and the GL 6000 are they? Secondly, why do some of the shoes not have the name stitched on the heel counter? And thirdly, how is the quality? Read on…  Read the rest of this entry

2014 pre-orders @ Titolo



Reebok Classics are not sitting on their laurels as we edge close to 2014 — the pre-order list at Titolo clearly shows there will be no let-up in classic re-releases into the new year. A further 3 colourways of the GL 6000 ‘Athletic‘, some neat ‘Camo Embossed’ versions of the CL, and more CL Vintages, Seudes and Nylons thrown in for good measure (the latter with 3 very, very fresh makeups). The cherry on the cake for the Statesiders/Baseballers/White Sox fans out there is the hotly anticipated retro of the mid-90’s Frank ‘Big Hurt‘ Thomas shoe, inspired by referee stripes and running multiple Reebok branding across the upper.

Get your pre-orders in now at (Switzerlands) Titolo, or use the Retrobok Stores page to find a store nearer to you. Huge thanks to Piotr for the tip.  —BokOne

UPDATE – Some of these, such as the GL 6000 Athletics and CL Embossed Camo are available now from Reebok UK

eBay spot — Hurricane (Teal/White)


$_12 (4)


A slew of Vintage Reeboks have appeared on eBay UK recently, providing some invaluable photos of very rare Retroboks — and these are no exception. At first I thought they maybe the Aztec II, but with the 70’s trackstar outsole removed. Then, checking the Retrobok Shoe Archives I discovered these are actually the Hurricane – a trainer that I only had 2 catalogue scan images of previously, shown below in Mens’ colourways. Thanks again to Ritchie for making me aware of these, click on for more images of the Hurricane. Currently at eBay UK. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

eBay spot — Paris Edge OG

$_57 (1)$_57 (2)$_57

A very clean pair of OG Paris Edges‘ have appeared on eBay UK, following a different pair that was spotted earlier in the year. Very interesting shoe, with its unique toe box lacking any reinforcing toe-wrap, the blue wrap overlay at the front, and of course being a ‘Paris’ shoe it features the same outsole as the Paris Runner. Many thanks to Ritchie for making me aware of this – images can be clicked for a closer look. Available now in UK Size 9 at eBay UK—BokOne

GL 6000 — Silver/Grey/Vital Blue


Looking not wholly dissimiliar to the OG Womens 6000’s, these have just appeared at Swedens’ Caliroots/Six Feet Down and keep things very subtle with their Silver and Grey overall treatment and ‘Vital Blue’ pops. Click on for more images and link out. Thanks to my good friend Piotr for the heads up —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Palace Skateboards — Vulcanized Workout promo

And here’s the 3rd of tonights videos — I’m absolutely loving Palace Skateboards’ grainy, VHS style promos, and this is one of their best. Revealing (in as much a blurred, badly-tracked VHS video can) a new level to collaborations with Reebok Classics: a reworking of the midsole itself. Palace have ensured that their Workout is even more Skater-focussed with a flatter vulcanized midsole, and *ahem* upto 9000 times more grip 😀 Not many online videos are worth watching twice, but this one certainly is, great work! No release details for the shoe(s) just yet but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. —BokOne

Shoe Gallery talks to Hypebeast TV about ‘Flamingos at war’

So it’s Hypebeast TV day here at Retrobok! Second of 3 clips, this time looking into the collaboration between Miamis’ Shoe Gallery and Reebok Classics with the striking ‘Flamingos at war’ makeup of the Classic Leather. Something that has just occurred to me is whether this is the last of the low CL collabs we see in 2013….? Shoe Gallery (USA) —BokOne

Foot Patrol talks to Hypebeast TV about ‘On the rocks’

Jimmy Horrocks of Londons’ reborn Foot Patrol gives us an insight into the collaboration with Reebok Classics for their ‘On the rocks’ makeup of the CL Mid. Foot Patrol (UK). —BokOne