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Pump Fury OG Sketch #2


Wow. Many thanks again to Steven Smith for sending Retrobok his original sketches & photos — Happy 20th Anniversary Pump Fury! —BokOne

OG Pump Fury!


Well… today’s the day for the long-awaited retro of the Citron/Red/Black Pump Fury colourway. Steven Smith, the designer of the original shoe was kind enough to send Retrobok a couple of pretty damn special photos ; one of his original sketches for this incredible design, and another of him wearing one of the first manufactured pairs. Hit the jump for that! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Collector Feature #3 — Etienne Malaquin


 Hi Etienne — Please tell us about yourself  – where you’re from, what you do.
Hi Retrobok, I’m Etienne, 23 years old, I live in Paris (France) and I’m a seller in a Sneakers Shop, Size? Paris.

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3 more brochures added to Media section


More fantastic archive material provided by TheReebokKid has been added to the Media section. A superb advert/Christmas card from 1989 (above), with a hard-to-identify pair of shoes (they look like the World Road, but have a taller midsole unit which has curious density inserts and angled toe grip on the sole unit). (Read on …) Read the rest of this entry

Sole Trainer


“In 1990, the Sole Trainer was considered a break through trainer, offering the lightweight  forefoot and rear cushioning of HEXALITE technology while the molded straps on the forefoot and rear of the upper provided a comfortable fit. The Dupont molded Evalite midsole made it also the most durable lightweight trainer on the market at that time.”

So here’s 4 colourways for 2014, with the OG colourway above in White/Bright Cadmium/Steel with 3 new darker seasonal makeups shown below. Interesting to note that the OG 1990 colourway utilises Leather and Polypag materials, with the 2014 colourways using Pig Seude and Mesh. I’m really liking the bold colour blocking on the 2014 shoes particularly, with the OG colourway boasting it’s own distinguishable colouway.

All of these are available now from stores selling the Classic Reserve collection. Click on to see all 4 shoes. —BokOne

V60431 V60433_Profile V60437

More 80’s/90’s Catalogues added to Media Section


A further 7 Catalogues and Brochures have been added to the Media section — 3 into 80’s Media and 4 into 90’s Media. Featuring everything from the familiar ERS, Pump and Hexalite to less familiar shoes for Racket sports, Aerobics, Volleyball, Golf and …. Cycling!

Use the links here, or the dropdown menus at the top of the page.

Huge thanks once again to contributor TheReebokKid for these superb scans. —BokOne

GL 6000 Mid-Cut Boot


Unearthed by BokTwo over on Instagram is this hugely surprising image showing GL 6000 mid-cut Boots. Featuring the mid-cut silhouette, hiking laces and d-rings, and some pretty funky colourways these look pretty damn sweet. No information on the location this photo was taken, but it certainly appears to be a Reebok stand, store or concept showcase (if you know, please comment below – the uploader for reference was _klaudiamarias). Exciting stuff! Thanks again to BokTwo. —BokOne

Ryan Cross talks about Reebok Reserve in 2014

Ryan Cross of Reebok Classics talks to Hypebeast TV about the Reserve Collection, it’s significance and birth from the Certified Network. We also get some glimpses of new shoe makeups, the most notable new surprise being the LX8500 in a deep red/black makeup, whilst there are more Pump Omni Lites, Inferno, NPC, Classic Leather Lux and of course Instapump Fury OG retro.

Nice to get a more global flavour of what’s to come in 2014 from Reebok Classics, beyond the usual big-name Basketball retros. —BokOne

More 80’s Catalogue scan additions!


I’m very happy to announce further additions to the burgeoning Media section with a superb set of scans of late 80’s Reebok Catalogues, Flyers and Brochures. Added are 3 x 1988 mini-catalogues (covers shown above), mini leaflets for the 1986 RTP, Rugged Walker, and later Step Trainer Pro, and a 1990 mini-brochure for the Pump range. Read on for more.  Read the rest of this entry

Pump Fury OG retro — Release date & further details announced

2014 is the 20th anniversary of the Instapump Fury, and Reebok Classics have announced the OG colourway release on Friday 31st January.

As most of you are also aware, Reebok are planning a huge raft of makeup collabs for the Fury — 27 collabs have been stated meaning a significant focus for Reebok Classics in 2014 is very much on this legendary, out-of-this-world shoe. As far as release dates for the 27 collabs are concerned, Reebok Classics tell me these will ‘roll out weekly’ through Spring and Summer, ensuring the focus is on the OG’s first and foremost.

To my less-trained eye, Reebok have done a great job on the accuracy of these retro OG’s ; the unique toe wraps are accurate to the ’94 originals, and of course the triple hexalite window on the heal too. If you have thoughts about the accuracy/quality of these, Retrobok would like to hear from you.

I’m not seeing any pre-order activity on these in any stores yet, but will post up as soon as I do.

Many many more pics after the jump! —BokOne

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CF Stead x Reebok Classics — Classic Leather Lux


Now that 2013 has passed (the 30th Anniversary of the Classic Leather) I’m slightly surprised to see further ‘collaborations’ continue with this shoe. Not that I expected to see CL varietys’ slow down, but this is a nice — and high quality surprise. Almost mirroring the results of the Horween Collaboration (Horween being a US-based Leather specialist), CF Stead – a UK-based leather specialist – has applied it’s knowledge to the CL with fine results, including brogue detailing and waxed laces.

This shoe apparently releases in 3 colourways, the shoe shown is ‘Light Snuff‘ apparently, so you could say this is an ‘English Gentlemans Classic Leather’. No release info just yet, but I’ll ask around at the boys club later.  —BokOne

(More images at HypeBeast, the source of this information)

Pump Omni Lite Vintage — releasing tomorrow, 13.01.2014

Arguably the starring shoe in the forthcoming “Pump Vintage Pack”, the Pump Omni Lite gets its’ midsole yellowed and features a leather upper and of course that orange Baskteball Pump bladder. Germanys’ The Good Will Out store has this available from tomorrow (Monday 13th) and looking around I’m not seeing any other stores’ revealing these available anytime soon — so let’s see if the 3 other shoes featured in the Pump Vintage Pack drop tomorrow too…. The Good Will Out (Germany) —BokOne

Additional — just spotted this short, funky promo for the Vintage Pack, confirming the release date of 13.01.14 ;

ERS 1500 — Tin Grey/Steel/Grey/Blue

V55219_02 (1)

A new treatment to the ‘new retro’ ERS 1500 has appeared on Reeboks’ UK store, with a textured toe-wrap, silver mesh upper and deep blue heel on the midsole. Tidy. Reebok UK —BokOne


Aztec OG images

These photos, whilst not at great resolution, really show plenty of angles of this ‘Halo’ Retrobok shoe — particuarly the curvature of the midsole wedge, reminding me of the Nike Mariah.

Ritchie has been awesome in sending in plenty of eBay spots recently, these appeared a few weeks back but I failed to post them until now (this means they’re no longer available too, apologies all round).

The detailed box shots are particularly nice to see — dare I suggest to Reebok Classics to consider recreating these for the applicable OG releases in future? Well, I dare, but it’s possible this box design was dropped in the early 80’s, meaning their application would only be for 70’s retros — an area I don’t expect Reebok Classics to explore just yet. —BokOne

Curios — GL 6500 @ Skit, Osaka Japan



Having a look through Osakas’ Skit website reveals some very curious Retroboks’ from the archives — and these GL 6500 retro’s (from early 2000’s) are a great example. Whilst their accuracy and quality are not upto Reeboks modern retro standards, shoes like this are still very important from Reeboks’ brand history perspective ; these were the first wave of retros’ before Reebok really hit the HYPERSPACE button in the late 2000’s. The 2 colourways above I’d not seen before, posted here out of curiosity. —BokOne

Skit (Osaka, Japan)

ps — For you Alien Stomper fans out there, Skit also showcases a few rareties (which are unavailable I’m afraid) at this link