Curios — GL 6500 @ Skit, Osaka Japan



Having a look through Osakas’ Skit website reveals some very curious Retroboks’ from the archives — and these GL 6500 retro’s (from early 2000’s) are a great example. Whilst their accuracy and quality are not upto Reeboks modern retro standards, shoes like this are still very important from Reeboks’ brand history perspective ; these were the first wave of retros’ before Reebok really hit the HYPERSPACE button in the late 2000’s. The 2 colourways above I’d not seen before, posted here out of curiosity. —BokOne

Skit (Osaka, Japan)

ps — For you Alien Stomper fans out there, Skit also showcases a few rareties (which are unavailable I’m afraid) at this link

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