3 more brochures added to Media section


More fantastic archive material provided by TheReebokKid has been added to the Media section. A superb advert/Christmas card from 1989 (above), with a hard-to-identify pair of shoes (they look like the World Road, but have a taller midsole unit which has curious density inserts and angled toe grip on the sole unit). (Read on …)

There’s also a very juicy ‘Introducing ERS’ brochure from UK sports retailed Olympus. This particular brochure shows the Womens’ makeup of the Retrobok-favourite ‘World Road‘ which I’m not sure I’d seen before – notice the teal detail below the lace overlay, a style seen on the earlier World Best, but not her brother, the Mens’ World Road —


Finally there’s a sweet Technologies brochure from 1990 which features a dazzling array of lesser-known ERS, Pump and Hexalite shoes, and some great illustrations promoting the functions of the technology systems —

scan0054_604crop scan0052_detail604

All the images above are low-resolution detail shots, browse through the 80’s and 90’s Media sections and enjoy! Huge thanks once again to TheReebokKid for these gems. —BokOne

80’s Media Section — 90’s Media Section

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