Collector Feature #3 — Etienne Malaquin


 Hi Etienne — Please tell us about yourself  – where you’re from, what you do.
Hi Retrobok, I’m Etienne, 23 years old, I live in Paris (France) and I’m a seller in a Sneakers Shop, Size? Paris.

 You have a great blog called ‘Pump My Life’, when did you start it?
I created Pumpmylife in June 2012 because it’s very hard to find Reebok information on the net.

 You’ve taken some great pictures of your collection – So you are a big fan of the Pump I guess? Tell us about your love for these.
Yes I really like the Pump, my love started in 2009 with my first pair of Omni Lite metallic pack, I had the Gold colourway. I was then interested in Pump generally and I discovered many old models which pleased me — I really like the Pump system and the idea to inflate air cushions for comfort in your shoes. Furthermore I like to distance myself from others, and to wear Pump is unique — I do not see it everywhere. I also like to wear all the shoes that I buy, all my Pumps, and other models I own like Ex-o-Fit and Classic Leather.

image (4)

 Can you tell us which Pumps you own?
I have some bringback from 2004, Patta, Size? and Size? Friends and Family from 2009. I have all the Omni Zone collaborations since 2008 (Solebox, Packer Shoes, Hanon, Atmos), the Gremlins pack, 6 of 7 Deadly Sins, also 4 Insta Pump Fury like OG colorway of AAPE by BAPE, a Court Victory collaboration with ALIFE (black and pink) with Packer Shoes (Roland Garros and US Open). I also have Shaq Attaq (2 retro and 1 OG) a Solebox Workout, the Extra Butter OXT and AXT. I have some other pairs but i don’t remember exactly what!

image (5)

image (3)

 There’s a very interesting pair you own in Dark Red Snakeskin, are they Twilight Zones?
Yes it’s an old collaboration with Espionage Sydney, released in 2009, a few person know this model, when I’m wearing them people ask me “What is this model, when were they released?”, etc…. This is one of my favourite pairs.

image (8)

 Which of the Pump shoes do you find the most comfortable?
For me the most comfortable Pump is the Insta Pump Fury, they are like wearing slippers.

 Tell us about your other Reeboks – I see a pair of Paris Runners in OG colourway 🙂
Yeah I had another model on Reebok Brand, the Paris Runner in collaboration with Size?, the colorway is like the OG, and of course it uses the colours of the French Flag. I also have one Ex-o-Fit x Atmos with a GID sole – a nice shoe, and a pair of DMX Run 10, I saw these on the feet of my father in the 90’s when he went jogging.

image (6)

image (7)

 Do you have a favourite Reebok shoe, Etienne?
Yes my favourite is the Omni Zone, very comfortable — especially the collaboration with Solebox, Hanon and Packer Shoes. My top 3 Pumps are : Omni Zone, Twilight Zone and Insta Pump Fury.

image (1)

image (2)

 Which shoe do you hope that Reebok will release next?
I hope they re-release the Double Pump but I think I can dream!

 Yeah, that seems an impossible dream! Do you think 2013 a good year for Reebok? And do you think 2014 will be better?
I think 2014 is Reeboks year! With the 20th anniversary of Insta Pump Fury and 27 collaborations of those, the 25th anniversary of the Pump system and other re-releases like the Kamikaze 1.

 Would you like to see more French stores collaborating with Reebok maybe?
Yes I really want see more French collaboration with for example Starcow shop or maybe Auguste French store in Paris — they could make very nice collaboration, but please not blue pairs like Colette!

image (9)

 Have you designed your own custom Reeboks yet? Or thought about it?
No, I have imagined some Reebok with different colours or material but I have never drawn them on paper.

 Name 1 favourite Online Sneaker Store?
End Clothing is an important online store for many Reebok stuff.

 And name 1 favourite ‘bricks and mortar’ Store?
I have two, I know you want one… but in Europe first is Solebox, located in Berlin —  an amazing store with the best collaboration with Reebok! Second is located in USA in NYC — Extra Butter, a very nice shop with some nice product, one day they waited for me when I’m coming to NY and all the staff were wearing Reebok for me, if you go to New York go to Extra Butter!

 Etienne – your collection is awesome, thanks for your time! Click the logo below to visit Etiennes’ website. —BokOne

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