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GL 6000 — Ultimate Yellow/Silver/Tin Grey

‘Blinding’ is the best word I think to describe these brand new colourway of the Retrobok-favourite GL 6000. Sitting directly alongside the equally bold Vital Blue/Red/Silver colourway I posted a few weeks back, these are available now from Reebok USA. My GL 6000 Field-Guide is long overdue an update….. —BokOne

Classic Leather Retro Elements


‘Retro Elements’ is a great name for these, which have recently appeared on Reeboks UK store. They very closely match the slightly mysterious GL 2620 shoes which (only) Retrobok has covered in recent months — a slightly budget retro inspired by the GL 6000.

In the Retro Elements case these use the CL/Phase II ‘trackstar’ outsole, CL heel tab, feature a debossed Reebok logo in place of the embroidered window, lose the stabiliser clip on the heel but throw in some plastic lace loops for extra measure. The midsole however, looks near-identical to the GL 2620’s as well as the higher toe wrap.

Take a look over at Reebok UK. —BokOne

Pump Running Dual — OG colourway video

Part of the Q1 2014 Pump Vintage Pack”, the Pump Running Dual looks pretty damn sweet in it’s OG 1991 colourway. Expected to drop March 1st, which is soon! Watch this space 🙂 —BokOne

LX 8500 Black/Green


As expected, and spotted by Retrobok nearly 6 months ago now, alternative colourways of the 1986 flagship LX 8500 shoe are starting to appear in global stores. As usual, Switzerlands’ bewildering Titolo are selling this handsome Black/Green pair earlier than most — check them out now. Titolo (Switzerland) —BokOne

1990 — ERS Physics & Gravity


Short and sweet this one, focussing on some rarer ERS models such as the Defiance ERS, Instructor ERS and ERS Tech Walker. Huge thanks again to TheReebokKid for these scans. 1990 — ERS Physics & Gravity —BokOne

1991 — ‘A Special Company’


Another fantastic catalogue from the early 90’s showcasing Reebok technologies, this time focussing on the myriad of Pump models then available. The genuinely useful part of this is precise release dates detailed for the 18 or so models shown. Thanks again to TheReebokKid for these scans. 1991 — A Special Company —BokOne

Pump Fury — Behind the scenes


Woody from Sneaker Freaker was recently invited to the Chinese factory manufacturing the 2014 Pump Fury retro, and provided a cut-down online report of his visit. The full report will be featured in issue 30 of Sneaker Freaker magazine, will definitely be looking forward to that. View the online report and images now! —BokOne

1991 Pump Battleground, Boulevard, Settlement


Neatly titled after Basketball courts in New York, Detroit and Boston, these 3 Reebok Blacktops need little introduction to Pump fans out there (the Boulevard and Settlement don’t feature Pump technology, I should point out). Nice 2-sided brochure scan from TheReebokKid – added to the 90’s Media section. Thanks! —BokOne

1991 — Pump Battleground, Boulevard, Settlement

1991 — Learn to Walk. Again.


The Catalogues keep flying in from Retrobok contributor TheReebokKid, this time with a 2-sided brochure showcasing the Men and Womens’ Comfort I Ultra, and the Womens’ Accelerator I.

The Energaire® technology that Reebok incorporated into these shoes is one of my favourite ‘Retrobok technologies’, partially because it’s not so well remembered as Pump, E.R.S. or Hexalite – but also because it looks so surreal! Use the Media section to view the high-resolution scans or jump directly with the link below. —BokOne

1991 — Learn to Walk. Again.


1990 TechTan – Football shoes range


A neat catalogue showcasing Reeboks’ rarer Football (Soccer) footwear, including their revolutionary TechTan — a waterproof, stretchproof material. The 4 shoe ranges — Attaq, Impaq, Vitaq. Contaq — each feature 3 shoes, one with screw-in studs, another with moulded soft-studs, and a trainer. Very neatly designed shoes they are too. Thanks to TheReebokKid once again for these scans. —BokOne

90’s Media — 1990 TechTan Football

1991 — Pump It Up! brochure


Nice little brochure scan again provided by TheReebokKid showcasing The Pump™, Pump Court Victory, Omni Zone, Twilight Zone, AXT and SXT. It also nicely encapsulates Reeboks’ early marketing attempts to expand the Pump’s appeal from the nascent Basketballing to Tennis and Training. Once again, huge thanks to TheReebokKid. —BokOne

1991 — Pump It Up! brochure

1993 Spring Performance Running Catalogue


Another fantastic Catalogue scan from TheReebokKid — this time from 1993, and very exciting it is too. Why? Because these shoes directly preceded the release of the Instapump Fury, now in it’s 20th Anniversary year.

Not only does this catalogue feature the more familiar Fury-predecessors the Pump Graphlite and Graphlite Road, but also a set of less-familiar yet extremely exciting shoes — the Instapump Trainer, Racer and Sprint. Each of these shoes feature more design cues that the world had yet to experience in ’94.

Hit the jump to see your eyes pop out (if that’s physically possible!) and a link directly to the full catalogue. Thanks again TheReebokKid 🙂 —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

History of the Instapump Fury with Steven Smith


Superb interview with Pump Fury designer (and Retrobok-visitor) Steven Smith, as he discusses the history of the shoes’ design, it’s colourway choice, inspiration, launch and impact. Great read. Thanks to Zack at Sole Collector for the heads up! —BokOne

The Oral History of the Reebok Instapump Fury with Designer Steven Smith (Sole Collector)

Retrobok is 3 !!!


Retrobok was 3 years old on the 1st of February — thanks for all  your visits, feedback, links, likes, scans, images, free shoes and Reebok love 😀

Special thanks to Dixy (‘BokTwo’), TheReebokKid, Piotr, Bobby Necro, Steven Smith, Jane Ashby, David Foster and Scott and Angela at Reebok. I’m looking forwards to the next year a great deal. Peace!


Insta Pump Fury — now customisable!


Reebok are now offering the Pump Fury as a customisable option across a number of their global sites, most likely in celebration of the 20th anniversary of this unique shoe. Even if you don’t hit that BUY button at the end there should be some exciting results 😀 —BokOne

Reebok Design Your Own (UK) — Reebok Design Your Own (USA) — Reebok Design Your Own (Germany) — Reebok Design Your Own (France) — Reebok Design Your Own (Japan)