GL 6000 — The Distinct Life collab, more details.


I’ve unearthed a few more details about the TDL collabs on the GL 6000, helped by the fact that my local store – Laced here in Brisbane Australia – somehow managed to get stock before anyone else (or perhaps more accurately, were permitted to put them on sale). Read on… 

So these GL 6000 collabs are the tip of the iceberg this year, with 3 further TDL makeups of this shoe expected (note the 4 x colour swatch on the rubber lace lock). I believe – but this isn’t yet confirmed – that further collaborators include Solebox, HAL, and Sneaker Freaker magazine.

On this first TDL makeup there’s plenty of details to note – my slightly rushed photos don’t really help spot them all of them, but the quality is certainly exceptional. I’ll post up more info as and when I see any. Thanks to Laced for getting hold of these – more pics on their website—BokOne



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  1. Great to have a fellow Reebok Classic fan in Brisbane, and running a great website. Keep up the good work.

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