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Quick Review — Sole Trainer


Reebok Classics were kind enough to send me a pair of this retro’d 1990 shoe, and I’ll be honest — even as proprietor of Retrobok it was a shoe I might have passed by, based on online photos.   Read the rest of this entry

Sole Trainer — China Red/Seagull/White

What no other Sneaker sites will tell you is that the rather uninspiringly-titled Sole Trainer has had a multitude of more interesting names over the years — names such as (my favourite) Mantra HXL and the Concorde. Reebok have released this bold China Red/Seagull/White colourway for the under-appreciated Sole Trainer, available now from Sneaker Politics (USA). Standby for a quick review of this shoe right after this post… —BokOne

Ventilator Athletic Navy/Sea Glass/Punch Pink

This bold new Ventilator colourway recently spotted in Reebok Classics’ S/S video teaser has now appeared for pre-order/re-order at Germanys’ Overkill. And brutal it is too. I’m a big fan of the Ventilator ; a true 90’s Retrobok and a slightly unrecognised classic in its’ own right. Overkill (Germany) —BokOne

END x Reebok Insta Pump Fury ‘Claret’


Unusual but very nicely executed collab with – what I believe to be – UK’s END store. This store has been relentlessly stocking the majority of Reebok Classics‘ best footwear output for the last few years and are featured on the Retrobok Stores pages. Click on for more images and availability/release dates…. Read the rest of this entry

Pro Legacy Mid Vintage


More superb retro releases from Reebok Classics, both running the accurate mid-80’s ‘stretch logo’ as suggested by Retrobok. The Pro Legacy uses the BB 4600 mid and outsole, with a largely similiar upper — but it’s the oversized Reebok logo on the heel counter, and bold wraparounds on the upper that give the Legacy a much much bolder appearance.

Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne

LX 8500 — 3 new colourways, available


The above 3 new retro LX 8500 colourways are now available from Reebok UK, the Red/Black pair looking particularly badass: taking the fight to the myriad of colourways on the GL 6000. Great stuff 😀 Reebok UK —BokOne

Reebok presents ‘Spring/Summer 2014 Classic’

Short-but-fun teaser for forthcoming Reebok Classics footwear – I spot some brutal Ventilator colourways in here, as well as familiar available kicks such as the 2014 Keith Haring collaborations, and OG retro Pump Fury. —BokOne

BAU Insta Pump Fury


Very strong and bold makeups from Frank The Butchers’ BAU studio, with the hot pink and tan colour pops obvious enough, it’s the muted paint-splatter upper I’m particularly loving. Click on for more pics, and store link.  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 — Grey/Burgundy


Second new colourway for the LX 8500 retro, following on from the recent Black/Green pair. I wasn’t blown away on first seeing these Burgundy/Greys, but they have a retro charm to them and it’s certainly a unique colour combination. Read on for more waffle, imagery and link.  Read the rest of this entry