LX 8500 — Grey/Burgundy


Second new colourway for the LX 8500 retro, following on from the recent Black/Green pair. I wasn’t blown away on first seeing these Burgundy/Greys, but they have a retro charm to them and it’s certainly a unique colour combination. Read on for more waffle, imagery and link. 



As a side note, I’m not clearly seeing the yellowed vintage treatments to these, and with them running the accurate mid-80’s stretched Reebok logo in the side window, a small part of me wonders if Reebok Classics division should run the standard logo for non-OG colourways (something they honoured on the GL 6000 retros except for the 2 x OG colourways), if that makes sense? Still, great to see the LX range continue — I’ll be ordering mine asap!

Available now from Stuttgarts’ Suppa. —BokOne

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