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Pump Blacktop Battleground and Boulevard retro’d


Reebok Classics continue to re-release great Retroboks — this time in the form of the 1991 ‘Blacktop’ series with the Battleground and Boulevard. Both these shoes are named after legendary outdoor Basketball courts ; the Battleground in Harlem and the Boulevard in Boston. I’m not 100% sure if these courts actually still exist, but for the sake of history I hope they do. Both these shoes release in 2 colourways each ; essentially one white, one black – both with the speckled details that was so fffffffresh in the 80’s/early 90’s.

The only missing part of this story is the 3rd shoe in the Blacktop series ; the Settlement (named after a court in Detroit), no news on any retro of those just yet. Check out the original 1991 advertisments here on Retrobok.

The Blacktop Battleground and Blacktop Boulevard will be available from May 9th 2014. Click on for many many more pics! —BokOne 

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The Distinct Life X Reebok Classics — GL 6000 Olive/Gum


Detroits’ The Distinct Life collaborate again with Reebok Classics with this 2nd part (of 4) GL6000 colourways. As previously covered here on Retrobok with the Navy Blue/Gum makeup, the lace tag shown below revealed the 4 colourways planned ; so expect Black and Red in the next few months.


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JW Fosters advertisements (1965—1970)

JW Sept 1970

“Apollo” training shoe, September 1970 (year TBC)

Another set of superb adverts showcasing some of the JW Fosters companys’ output in the later years of it’s existence. Remembering that in 1958, Reebok had been formed by disgruntled Foster family members seeing what Adidas and Puma were achieving with cheaper technology, thus leaving the original JW Fosters company to struggle onward. Continue reading… Read the rest of this entry

ERS 2000 colourways, Spring 2014


Last year, Reebok Classics quietly released a handful of colourways of the ERS 2000, an early-90’s model which has a traceable lineage back to the first ERS model in 1988, the ERS Trainer. For 2014, there’s a few more colourways heading to stores, running a generally Blue/Silver theme and looking quite space-age with it. Read on for more pics. —BokOne 

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MITA discuss their Insta Pump Fury collab


GL 2620 — 4 new colourways


The GL 26260, affectionately known here at Retrobok as the ‘budget GL 6000′ has appeared in at least 4 new, more single tone colourways. The initial samples were somewhat off the wall, with Reebok Classics mixing up some pretty strange colours combos which others wouldn’t. Read on for more waffle, photos and links…  Read the rest of this entry

Sale — Reebok UK, 25% off


The banner says all the info you need 😀 Well, apart from the link. Remember the promo code when you checkout! Reebok UK. —BokOne

Apparel — Reebok Classics, Pump


Swedens’ SNS have recently stocked an interesting range of Reebok Classics and Pump clothing. Ranging from Vests/Singlets, T-Shirts and Hoodies to Windbreakers and Jackets.

As should be reasonably obvious, I’m especially liking the Starcrest applications, whereas some of the other applications seem a little lacklustre, and examining the photo details show up some concerns on the finish quality too ; but the takeaway message is that’s is superb to see an expanding range of Classics apparel, I’ve still to pick up some Starcrest-emblazoned clothing myself 😀

Sneakersnstuff (Sweden). —BokOne

Sneaker Politics X Reebok Classics — Pump Fury OG ‘Rougarou’

large (2)

The “Rougarou” takes its name from a childhood fairytale popular in Lafayette, LA, which describes an imaginary werewolf-type character that kidnaps disobedient youth. Sneaker Politics represented the legendary beast with brown horsehide leather on the upper, laid over with black neoprene for superior fit. These forest-like colors are paired with speckled green and orange through the midsole and at the signature pump. 

Available from Sneaker Politics in the US on April 11th and from Swedens’ SneakersNStuff on April 12th, as well as all Reebok Certified Network stores.

More images after the jump. —BokOne

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ERS 2000 — White/Blue Sport/Vital Blue/Violet Volt/Steel


I’m not sure if that’s the fully accurate colourway name, featuring 5 colour titles but this is quite a surprise from Reebok Classics, re-releasing another retro of the 1990 ERS 2000. This shoe was originally known – in Europe at least – as the Questor ERS (and featured a different outsole) but for a reason still unknown to me, Reebok renamed a large number of these early 90’s shoes. I’m guessing due to trademark issues.

The colour blocking on this pair of 2000’s is rather new – especially the all-blue mesh toebox. Available now from Germanys’ Overkill and Switzerlands’ Titolo. —BokOne

GL 6000 — ‘Cool Breeze’


In something of a fresh colourway (almost inspired by the recent wave of super-fun South Korean colourways) these utilise a ‘cool breeze’ eggshell blue in the mesh upper (a very unique application it needs to be said) with grey, and signal red.

Perhaps these ready just in time for Easter… Available now from UK’s Urban Industry. —BokOne


Phase III – Grey/Blue/Red


Mistakenly titled as ‘Phase Ii’ (more than one uppercase ‘I’ never works on web stores it seems…) these are a new makeup of the 90’s classic runner featuring eggshell (or baby) blue, tonal greys and a smattering of red piping.

Available now from Urban Industry (UK) —BokOne

Court Victory Pump Stash


These two new colourways of the Court Victory Pump have appeared at Reebok UK, alongside a makeup of the Pump Omni Lite with the suffixed Stash name also.

I haven’t seen these featured on any other Sneaker blogs just yet, and there’s no additional information on Reeboks own store sites so I can’t confirm if these are by Reebok Classics well-known collaborator Stash himself. Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne

What the Pump?

p6p1 p2 p3 p4 p5  p7 p8

Now this is a piece of genius.

Featuring cat memes, classic 80’s TV and film imagery, historical Pump photographs, Eighties celebrities, new Reebok Classics products and some more risque imagery for good measure this ‘pop up’ site is simple yet hugely entertaining.

I’m not 100% sure it’s official, but I hope this gets shared widely through social networks, awesome fun! —BokOne

Ventilator — Steel/Blue/Orange/Grey


Reebok Classics release another new colourway for the brutal Ventilator: a personal favourite of mine. And whilst I like the contrasting Orange/Navy colouration, I feel the Ventilator really lends itself to bolder, higher contrast colourways — something I hope the Classics division will consider.

Slightly curious is the lack of Ventilator meshes on the sidewall, a notable omission considering the shoes’ title. Still, a highly underrated shoe and one I urge you to pick up in a colourway of your own choice 😉 Available now at Reebok (UK) —BokOne