GL 2620 — 4 new colourways


The GL 26260, affectionately known here at Retrobok as the ‘budget GL 6000′ has appeared in at least 4 new, more single tone colourways. The initial samples were somewhat off the wall, with Reebok Classics mixing up some pretty strange colours combos which others wouldn’t. Read on for more waffle, photos and links… 

This time around, things have got a lot more sensible. Each of these four colourways start with the sensible foundation of gum sole and white/sand midsoles, and then stick with a primary colour offset with a secondary colour for the lining and footbeds.

You may also notice the stitched nomenclatures are present on the heels, which is missed from 2 or 3 of the other colourways – why? I’ve no idea! Reebok Classics were great in sending me some samples of this shoe and it’s a great all-rounder with the GL 6000’s legendary stability and fit.

Retrobok – GL 2620 a closer look. 

Available now at Reebok USA. —BokOne

M41516_01 M41518_01 M41513_01

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  1. Every time I see new Reebok Classics colourways, especially recently, it makes me wonder why I bother even keeping up with all the other brands. Reebok one after another, fire colourways. Not even to mention, I’ve got a black pair of Leather Classics which are my beaters, and they refuse to ever look bad or ever get old!

    Also, gum outer soles, yes please!