JW Fosters advertisements (1965—1970)

JW Sept 1970

“Apollo” training shoe, September 1970 (year TBC)

Another set of superb adverts showcasing some of the JW Fosters companys’ output in the later years of it’s existence. Remembering that in 1958, Reebok had been formed by disgruntled Foster family members seeing what Adidas and Puma were achieving with cheaper technology, thus leaving the original JW Fosters company to struggle onward. Continue reading…The image above, of the Apollo training shoe, was titled as 1970 — however this year is very tentative and needs confirmation. The reason being; one of the ‘holy grails’ of Reebok history – this article by Rachael Foster suggests the JW Fosters company was falling apart by 1960, and by 1966 it’s original shop location (the ‘Olympic Works’) had been flattened.

Whatever the truth, the Apollo shoe is a surprising piece of history with it’s one-more-stripe-than-Adidas and arguably Onitsuka Tiger Corsair-inspired design (to spin the history out yet further; remember the Corsair was copied by Nikes’ Phil Bowerman to create the 1972 Nike Cortez).

Additional to the Apollo are 3 adverts showcasing the clear level of craftmanship and quality that Fosters were still achieving. Again, dates are TBC. Images added to respective sections here on Retrobok — 60’s Media and 70’s Media.

Huge thanks once again to David Gumbley at No Sugar for this material. —BokOne

JW Dec 1964

Rugby Boots, 1964

JW Nov 65

Rugby Boot advert, 1965

JW Jan 1969

Rugby Boot advert, 1969

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Deane road was Knocked down in 1966 and Reebok(Jeff &Joe) started making Foster’s for their Dad (my Grandad), He ran Fosters as a shop (82 Mornington Road) until his death in 1974. My Grandmother carried on a couple of years, then rented the shop to a florist. All the contents were moved to Reebok, where it was lost in the early ’90s.

  2. Huge huge thanks for this information David.