Pump Blacktop Battleground and Boulevard retro’d


Reebok Classics continue to re-release great Retroboks — this time in the form of the 1991 ‘Blacktop’ series with the Battleground and Boulevard. Both these shoes are named after legendary outdoor Basketball courts ; the Battleground in Harlem and the Boulevard in Boston. I’m not 100% sure if these courts actually still exist, but for the sake of history I hope they do. Both these shoes release in 2 colourways each ; essentially one white, one black – both with the speckled details that was so fffffffresh in the 80’s/early 90’s.

The only missing part of this story is the 3rd shoe in the Blacktop series ; the Settlement (named after a court in Detroit), no news on any retro of those just yet. Check out the original 1991 advertisments here on Retrobok.

The Blacktop Battleground and Blacktop Boulevard will be available from May 9th 2014. Click on for many many more pics! —BokOne 

reebok-classic-blacktop-battleground-01 reebok-classic-blacktop-battleground-02-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-battleground-03-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-battleground-04-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-battleground-05-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-battleground-06-570x456 reebok-classic-blacktop-battleground-07-570x380reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-01 reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-02-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-03-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-04-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-05-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-06-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-07-570x855 reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-08-570x380 reebok-classic-blacktop-boulevard-09-570x855

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