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Proper x Reebok Classics — Pump Running Dual


California-based Proper teams up with Reebok Classics to release this sober, but very smart rendition of the Pump Running Dual — the gold tongue is a particularly nice, luxurious touch. Apparently 3 colourways by Proper were proposed 4 or 5 years ago but never saw the light of day on the street, but this Navy/Green/Gold pair is available from Proper very shortly. Proper (USA). —BokOne

Insta Pump Fury X INVINCIBLE ‘Cattleya’

Now these are brutal. Ok, calling a pair of sneakers featuring a Hawaiian flora-and-fauna-inspired print upper might be pushing it a little but following last years’ stunning ‘Koi/Childrens Day’ releases (and the hugely-popular Aape collabs) I think these are right up there as personal favourite treatments.

The pink detailing may not be to everybodys’ liking however, but Taiwans’ INVINCIBLE has clearly put a great deal of effort into these. Available from INVINCIBLE on May 31st (possibly signed too…), and Reebok Certified Network stores soon after. More pics after the jump —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok Insta Pump Fury X Milk

silly-thing-x-milk-x-reebok-instapump-fury-20th-anniversary (1)

Hong Kong-based online publication ‘Milk’ has collaborated with Reebok Classics for the 20th anniversary of the Insta Pump Fury. This straightforward but bold makeup features a glossy silver and blue upper, with a no-fuss Black midsole and MK logo in the footbed.

Apparently available on May 31st from Milk Online, with Reebok Certified Network stockists following soon after. More images after the jump! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Sneaker Freaker — 20 years of the Insta Pump Fury

Superb Sneaker Freaker video featuring Reebok heavyweights Paul Litchfield and Retrobok-visitor Steven Smith talking about the impact and legacy of the OG InstaPump Fury, and the current collaborations in celebration of it’s 20th anniversary. Enjoy! —BokOne

Phase Comfort OG — White/Cream/Tin, Blue/White/Cream


A shoe I wasn’t personally aware of, although certainly quite similiar to the Phase I Pro Vintage that Reebok Classics released last year — these are certainly about as retro as they come, mixing Cream/Off-Whites with white and Tin Grey (another familiar Reebok colour identifier) and a Sky Blue with the same Cream/Off-white combination.

I’m particularly liking the vintage Starcrest treatment on the tongues. Click on for more pictures and store links >

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OG Reebok VTS in detail


Retrobok visitor Paul Gallagher was kind enough to post a number of detailed photos of his OG VTS Trainer to the Retrobok Facebook page.

Photos of vintage Reeboks like this are surprisingly rare, more usually appearing in eBay adverts. I’ve little information on the VTS myself, other than there was a range of 3 Mens’ colourways and 2 Kids, shown in a 1982 catalogue. These can be seen, separated in the 80’s section of the Retrobok Shoe Archive and also posted below. Click to read on. Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator — Dip Dyed Pack, available now

Available now are these 3 high-contrast colourways of the brutal retro classic Ventilator, as revealed a couple of weeks back here on Retrobok.

For a moment I did wonder if Reebok Classics were taking note of Retrobok opinion on this shoe (deserving more aggressive colourways, being the suggestion). However, the very small time period after my opinion and these appearing casts considerable doubt on that.

Available now from Reebok UK and Culture Kings (Australia) but no sign of them in the US, mainland Europe or Asia at the moment.  —BokOne

Ventilator Supreme


Well here’s a surprise – the 1991 Ventilator Supreme looks due for a comeback this year, and is a pretty handsome beast indeed. I must be honest and say I wasn’t aware of this shoe until now (we’ve all got something to learn, hey) and I’ve certainly not seen any photos or examples of this from past catalogues or advertising material.

The most interesting feature on this shoe – by far – is the aggressive intake details on the instep arch ; I’m doubting this has any actual function (we’d all like to think the shoe breathed through these, right?) as the original Ventilator has a similar intake detail without any function.

Surprisingly there’s also no Hexalite or ERS logos on show on these shots, which is a big surprise – perhaps back in the day Reebok felt Ventilator tech was a strong enough selling point on it’s own (I’d actually put my hand up to this too: it may not be as sexy as Pump, Hexalite or ERS but has a more practical and noticeable benefit to a runner).

I can’t see any further news on release dates, but will post up as soon as I do. Great stuff Reebok Classics 😀

Thanks to BokTwo for the info. More pics after the jump. —BokOne

UPDATE: Actually Retrobok DID have a picture of a Ventilator Supreme, I’ve pasted it to the end of this post…

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GL 6000 — Sea Glass/Henna/Black/White


‘Sea Glass’ is a colour indentifier that Reebok Classics have used quite a lot over the last year or so – featuring on recent Ventilator makeups, and the Ltd Edt. Classic Leather collaboration (the one with snakeskin and pink, if you recall). It’s a striking colour, and even moreso when used in it’s entirety on the upper of any shoe.

Was the GL 6000 ready for this? I think it was born ready 😉 More images and store link after the jump —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

SIZE Magazine Classic Leather ‘Galloping Horse’

GH3After an insane 2013 for the venerable Classic Leather with dozens of sick makeups, things haven’t died down quite yet. Chinas’ SIZE magazine (not UK’s Size? store, note) has collaborated with Reebok to create this interesting colourway inspired by a famous Chinese sculpture, ‘A Galloping Horse’s Hoof Stepped on a Flying Shadow’ – example shown right, to add a bit of cultural reference.

I’m not hugely clear where the royal blue colour usage originates, but the speckled midsole and Jade outsole inspiration is obvious.

This shoe could provoke some interest, particularly as it may only be available within China. If you see it on sale, please let me know. Info and shoe images via HypeBeast. —BokOne


Reebok Classic OG Pack


Reebok Classics are re-launching the OG Mens’ Classic and Womens’ Freestyle shoes on May 16th, which is great to see – although I’m not entirely sure they actually went out of stock.

Certainly looking crisp in extra-clean white, remember this OG pack’ differs from Vintage treatments of the same shoes (which feature yellowing, glue marks, visible stitching behind the starcrest on the tongue label, etc…).

Lifestyle pictures, info and official Reebok words after the jump. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Sole Trainer new colourways

The early 90’s Sole Trainer (aka Mantra HXL or Concorde depending which country you lived in during the 90’s) has another set of very lively colourways to earn it more interest – which it certainly deserves (check out the Retrobok quick review here).

The China Red/Seagull makeup we’ve seen recently in some of the boutique stores, but the ‘acid’ Green and ‘energy’ Blue pair are very new and work superbly with the mesh on the upper. I’d actually say the Green pair genuinely look like a 2014 era running shoe, with only the 90’s midsole giving away the retro truth 🙂

Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne

Ventilator — 3 new makeups


Superb! Great to see this shoe getting some radical, new colourways. The Ventilator is a genuine classic Reebok shoe which deserves more aggressive colourways to match its bold appearance. Reebok Classics have a done a superb job with the panelling on these — notice that the colour blocking links up to the outsole colouring.

However, I’m still at a loss to explain why Reebok are obfuscating the Ventilator intakes on the side upper… it’s like removing the pump from The Pump

Available now from Reebok UK and hopefully other stores too. —BokOne