Ventilator Supreme


Well here’s a surprise – the 1991 Ventilator Supreme looks due for a comeback this year, and is a pretty handsome beast indeed. I must be honest and say I wasn’t aware of this shoe until now (we’ve all got something to learn, hey) and I’ve certainly not seen any photos or examples of this from past catalogues or advertising material.

The most interesting feature on this shoe – by far – is the aggressive intake details on the instep arch ; I’m doubting this has any actual function (we’d all like to think the shoe breathed through these, right?) as the original Ventilator has a similar intake detail without any function.

Surprisingly there’s also no Hexalite or ERS logos on show on these shots, which is a big surprise – perhaps back in the day Reebok felt Ventilator tech was a strong enough selling point on it’s own (I’d actually put my hand up to this too: it may not be as sexy as Pump, Hexalite or ERS but has a more practical and noticeable benefit to a runner).

I can’t see any further news on release dates, but will post up as soon as I do. Great stuff Reebok Classics 😀

Thanks to BokTwo for the info. More pics after the jump. —BokOne

UPDATE: Actually Retrobok DID have a picture of a Ventilator Supreme, I’ve pasted it to the end of this post…



‘Ventilator Supreme’ – details TBC as this appears to be a different evolution of the shoe ;


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  1. The detail at the front of the vents would seem like a nod towards Hexalite. I am imagining these will have it, even without the logo being present.

  2. If these reissues are accurate then they should have Hexalite. The reissue model I have never personally seen but iirc they were indeed a later mark that never made it to the UK, those OG pictured ones I have and was planning on wearing them this summer so now that they are due a comeback i’ll defo be wearing them.
    Overall though it’s these types of shoes Reebok needs to do more of, good work guys.