Phase Comfort OG — White/Cream/Tin, Blue/White/Cream


A shoe I wasn’t personally aware of, although certainly quite similiar to the Phase I Pro Vintage that Reebok Classics released last year — these are certainly about as retro as they come, mixing Cream/Off-Whites with white and Tin Grey (another familiar Reebok colour identifier) and a Sky Blue with the same Cream/Off-white combination.

I’m particularly liking the vintage Starcrest treatment on the tongues. Click on for more pictures and store links >

reebok-phase-comfort-og-chalk-tin-02-570x425reebok-phase-comfort-og-chalk-tin-06-570x644 reebok-phase-comfort-og-chalk-tin-05-570x643 reebok-phase-comfort-og-chalk-tin-04-570x641 reebok-phase-comfort-og-chalk-tin-03-570x379sz_139459_bsz_139459_g sz_139459_f sz_139459_e sz_139459_d sz_139459_c

Available now from Size? UK — White/Cream/Tin or Blue/Cream/White



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