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Solebox X Reebok Instapump Fury Spot

Hugely amusing video short revealing Solebox’s recent collaboration with Reebok Classics for the 20th anniversary of the Instapump Fury. I think this situation may feel true for many creatives still with their feet on the street.

The shoe itself features a digital camo print inspired by German ‘flecktarn’ camouflage (if you remember there was a Pump Fury a few years ago with a pixel treatment – I have them), as well as a black inflatable cage and the German flag on the tongue.

These will be available from Solebox and Reebok Certified Network retailers on 5th July. Thanks to Alexander Schuh for the heads up. —BokOne

Reebok Classic Sport ‘Aztec’


Look, this wasn’t intended to be ‘Titolo night’ here at Retrobok HQ, but I appreciate it seems to be turning out that way. I guess its testament to the insane range of retroboks the Swiss store stocks (try saying that after a couple of Swiss Kirschwassers….!).

Those of you familiar with the lineage of the original Aztec and other shoes using it’s striking colourway will of course know that only last year the Reebok Classic was released by Packer store in an almost indentical makeup.

Now I don’t yet own a pair of Classic Sports, but one key visible difference is that it runs a different outsole, with chunkier widely-spaced treads. It’s a nicely done shoe, for sure – available now from, yep, Titolo (Swizerland). —BokOne


More GL 2620 colourways

Capture2 Capture

The still-mysteriously titled ‘budget GL 6000’ GL 2620 shoe has earned another set of colourways – these 2 popping up on Titolo recently. The GL 2620 colourways are certainly getting into their stride, and both of these are appealing in a very Manly kinda way. Direct links out to the colourways below. —BokOne

Burgundy/Seagull/White — Navy/Red/Black

Reebok Inferno ‘Tonal Mesh Pack’

Shield your eyes, people! The Inferno has followed the Ventilators‘ recent lead by getting all meshy and modernising itself thoroughly with high-vis colourways. I’m really glad to see these ; the recently released dip-dyed Ventilators are a superb move by Reebok Classics featuring completely modern mesh uppers and keeping the rest of the shoe fuss-free. The 20-year old Vents can rock up alongside modern Nikes such as the Free, and hold their own. In truth, they look better too.

So here it is with the Inferno – a shoe I’ve not been especially strongly drawn to (mainly due to its fussy details and so-so OG colourways) but with these 3 bold treatments, we have a mightier beast indeed. And if the Inferno feels anything like my pair of Sole Trainers, well… they will be a genuinely superb pair of Runners too.

Hit the jump for the other 2 colourways, and link to the store. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 ‘Timeless Teal’ (Womens)


The veteran GL 6000 shoe has seen an explosion of colourful releases since it’s retro debut around 2009, so it’s great to see Reebok Classics producing the shoe specifically in Womens sizes (well, lasts to be accurate).

Of course, the OG Womens colourway for this shoe has been retro’d a couple of times now – and there have been other Womens-only releases such as Japans XGirl collaboration last year, as well as the Korean unisex output (I can’t comment on whether these have a different last than the Mens 6000).

We’ve seen this colourway recently here on Retrobok, but now its available outside Asia, specifically at Switzerlands’ Titolo. A couple more pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

New CR 1000 retro shoe

Reebok DL 1400/5000 fans here’s something to get (slightly) excited about — Reebok have released a new retro-inspired shoe feauturing the PhaseI/II midsole, CL heeltab, familiar little toebox tab and those unmistakable full-length sidestripes… I don’t want to cast false hopes out into the yonder of the net, but could this be a hint that the DL range is being looked at by Reebok Classics?

Certainly at the rate that retros are being produced we could see some of these long-remembered classic runners being re-visited finally — there’s certainly a hard core of us longing for the DL range to make a comeback.

Reebok Classics: please consider it 🙂

For now, hit the jump for the second colourways of the new CR-1000, store link, and archive photos of the DL 1400 and 5000. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Steel/Blue/White


After yesterdays deluge of new GL 6000 colourways, this one nearly slipped past me. Sure, it’s Grey and Blue tones are not literally jumping off the screen but this has a genuinely classic and measured feel to it. Urban Industry list this as Steel/Blue but I’m feeling the flexwave and sidestripe colour is more of a Dark Teal. Very smart indeed. Available now from UK’s Urban Industry. More pics of this measured masterpiece after the jump. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 Field Guide updated!

update2014 copy
28 new GL 6000 colourways added to the Field Guide. TWENTY-EIGHT… this is insane! This means the veteran Retrobok has around 74 colourways since its OG Men and Womens 1985 editions.

Many of the recent releases are South Korea, or Japan only it seems (a few USA only too) so aside from Swizz Beatz himself, I would be astonished if any collector had every/nearly every colourway…. drop Retrobok a message if you do though 😀

Hit the GL 6000 Field Guide to get a feel for the range of colourways to date…. —BokOne

GL 6000 — 7 new colourways forthcoming at Atmos, Japan

These 7 new colourways have recently appeared for PRE-ORDER at Japans’ Atmos storeThree appear to be Mens ‘Athletic’, two have the brand new ‘Camo’ nomenclature, and the bottom two are Womens (very similiar if you notice). Yes, it’s GL 6000 worship night at Retrobok HQ…. wow.

And remember, you heard it here first on Retrobok. Click on to the 7 alongside each other. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

FAKE GL 6000’s — Orange/Navy, Green/Blue/Red

6000_fake1 6000_fake2

Rather accurate don’t you think? As bright Orange hasn’t been used on a 6000 before, it was the top pair that drew my eye to them being fakes — the narrow Reebok window and wonky midsole cutouts give these away too. Take a nosey here. And remember kids; even if the surprisingly-cheap-fake-sneakersite looks like it’s in your country, it’ll be in China. —BokOne

GL 6000 Athletic — Red/Steel/White

For a month or so I thought that Reebok Classics’ prolific output of the stalwart 1985 6000 was relenting, but no. Following from the wild Sea Glass/Henna pair from early May comes this bright colourway of Red with Grey/White. Notice these don’t feature the accurate instep midsole blocking as featured on the OG shoe; something I have mixed feelings about if I’m completely honest, as I’m not a huge fan of the OG’s blocky appearance when worn. (I’m probably in trouble with some of my close friends on this…)

This is now also about the tenth 6000 that predominantly features Red as it’s main colourway (OK fifth if we’re talking toebox/heelwrap as the upper) and should prove popular in the stores and on the street. Available now from Titolo.

Don’t forget to check out the GL 6000 Field Guide too, which…*ahem* needs updating! More pics after the jump 🙂 —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Freestyle Hi Exotics ‘Croc’


I feel I should apologise on behalf of Retrobok for not covering Womens’ Reeboks more regularly — so it’s interesting to see a very unique upper applied to the 1983 Freestyle Hi (the sneaker that really popularised Womens’ fitness footwear ~ the Freestyle [low] please note was released in 1982).

These are available now from Titolo in Switzerland. Click on for more images. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Insta Pump Fury ‘Ghost in the Shell – LOGICOMA’


This is now the second collaboration between Reebok and Megahousetoys (which, if I’m not mistaken owns the rights to merchandising the Ghost in the Shell franchise) following on from a 2012 collab. This pair is apparently inspired by the LOGICOMA artificial intelligence Robot from the series, with the 2012 release being inspired by the TACHIKOMA robot.

The impressive use of materials on this shoe are clear to see, with the toebox perforated metal being especially unique. I’m really loving the whole ‘toy’ aesthetic to these, it’s the subtleties like the matte grey and black midsole that really bring this home.

This is another very exciting Insta Pump collab that I hope will keep enhancing Reebok Classics’ visibility in the sneaker mainstream (even though this shoe is actually far away from that mainstream). Available this month, I’ll post further details on availability soon. Some info and photos via Hypebeast

More pics after the jump (including the previous 2012 collab). —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Vintage Reebok Windbreakers

reebok_black_green_blue (8 of 10)reebok_female (1 of 10)reebok_green_blue (2 of 10)

Perennial Merchants dropped me a message recently, telling me about their stock of Vintage Reebok Windbreakers — pretty rare to see a collection like this, if you like what you see you head over to their store and check them out. Perennial Merchants (US) —BokOne