New CR 1000 retro shoe

Reebok DL 1400/5000 fans here’s something to get (slightly) excited about — Reebok have released a new retro-inspired shoe feauturing the PhaseI/II midsole, CL heeltab, familiar little toebox tab and those unmistakable full-length sidestripes… I don’t want to cast false hopes out into the yonder of the net, but could this be a hint that the DL range is being looked at by Reebok Classics?

Certainly at the rate that retros are being produced we could see some of these long-remembered classic runners being re-visited finally — there’s certainly a hard core of us longing for the DL range to make a comeback.

Reebok Classics: please consider it 🙂

For now, hit the jump for the second colourways of the new CR-1000, store link, and archive photos of the DL 1400 and 5000. —BokOne

The CR-1000 TXT (meaning Textile) available now from Reebok UK.




Reebok DL 1400


Reebok DL 5000


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  1. Where do I get theDL1400?

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