Beams X Reebok Classics — Instapump Fury


Japanese clothes retailer BEAMS has collaborated with Reebok Classics for the 20th anniversary of the (Insta) Pump Fury — and no doubt some of the sneaker community will be passing these by, for not being as wacky and colourful as some of the recent collabs.


You know what? These are sweet. To me the Pump Fury has always been a futuristic, hi-tech shoe and while the asymetrical grey treatment maybe the boldest thing here, it really fits the shoe. Perhaps the original designer, Retrobok visitor and friend Steven Smith will heartily disagree (after all he pushed hard to get the ultra-colourful OG colourway through Reeboks’ marketing department back in ’94), but I’m just putting my own personal opinion out there 😉 

These are supposedly available right now from Livestock, no sign online just yet so perhaps in-store only for the moment. Livestock (Canada). —BokOne

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