LX 8500 — New colourways coming soon at Atmos, Japan


Whether Reebok Classics have done a bang-up job here or not is upto you: Do these new LX 8500 colourways elicit excitement and interest, or do they simply get ignored and passed-by?

It’s a tricky one because on the one hand sure, they’re not eye-popping colourways and to the ordinary person on the street they’re not even going to notice the difference between these and the Athletic Navy/Railroad Grey retros from last year (remember that only the Railroad Grey/Athletic Navy – in that order – was the OG colourway).

On the other hand: well this is the LX 8500: a (now vintage) luxury running shoe from 1985. It doesn’t need fluorescent colourways, mesh uppers or coloured midsoles to bring it up-to-date: that would miss the point entirely.

Another point to mention is that the lighter of the pair (Graphite/Steel/Weathered White) at the top of the page are strikingly similar to the mid-2000’s retros of the LX — of which there were many colourways, mainly available in Asia if I remember correctly.

Available to pre-order from the Atmos site, their website suggests they will be available on 18th July. More images after the jump—BokOne

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