LX 8500 — Fall/Winter ‘Woven Label’


More new LX 8500 colourways are apparently forthcoming from Reebok stockists, though I’ve not spotted any online just yet. I’m a slightly bit concerned that some of the retro LX colourways are getting a little too similiar (the royal reds for example, run close to the recent signal red colourway), and the further use of dark greys and navys in the colourways above isn’t helping either. But as I mentioned in a previous post – the leather LX doesn’t lend itself to brighter colours – I do appreciate that it’s a tricky design challenge for Reebok Classics to keep the designs varied but ‘on point’. More pictures after the jump. Info via Freshnessmag. —BokOne 


reebok-classic-woven-label-lx-8500-fall-winter-2014-c-570x379 reebok-classic-woven-label-lx-8500-fall-winter-2014-d-570x379 reebok-classic-woven-label-lx-8500-fall-winter-2014-e-570x379


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