RT 1000 — New retro tennis shoe from Reebok Classics?


Now, I’ll have to tread carefully here as I’m not the most knowledgeable on Reebok Classics’ tennis shoes over the years — but I don’t ever remember seeing any with XX NNNN namings before as they’ve usually had the words Court, Pro or, yep, Tennis in them. This RT 1000 feels like it must follow from Reeboks ‘new retro’ releases such as the GL 1500, ERS 1500 and CR 1000 (there’s always a chance that RT may refer to Road/Track – but I’m thinking Reebok Tennis is more likely 🙂 )

Note that these haven’t been released in a White colourway just yet, but I’ll post whenever I see them. Reebok UK —BokOne

And damn… I’ve just remembed the most obvious one: ACT 600. Gah! back to the Retrobok archives for me 😉

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