GL 6000 — Lesmore X Reebok Classics


To date there have only been a very small number of collaborations with Reebok Classics on the GL 6000 — one with Japans XGIRL, two with Japans OSHMANS, and two (of a planned four) with Detroits The Distinct Life – making a grand total of five to date. The unisex shoe above adds to this tally.  Click on to read more…  

Anyone familiar with Reebok Classics output over the last few years (and Retrobok visitors will know this well enough) that South Korea has been a literal conveyor belt for unique 6000 colourways, pushing the shoes global colour number to over 75.

The colourway above was actually posted in February on Reebok Classics Korean Facebook page, so my apologies for missing it. The Korean Lesmore site still has this available alongside another colourway (shown below) which I had spotted earlier this year, and already resides within Retroboks’ INSANE GL 6000 Field Guide, so apologies for missing the colourway above. Scroll down for more images of this shoe – soon to be added to the Field Guide… 😉 —BokOne



6000ls8 6000ls7 6000ls6 6000ls5 6000ls4 6000ls3 6000ls2


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