Phase III — New colourways


Now I’d heard that Reebok Classics have quite a number of new Phase III colourways coming out for the 2015 season(s), but I hadn’t realised there were already some out. The 3 colourways shown here (click on to see the other 2) aren’t out of this world, but it’s great to see Classics offer up this shoe again – and there maybe more coming 🙂

Of note are the Blue/Grey/White pair which are remarkably similar to the ORIGINAL Reebok Classic shoe from 1983 — I’ve added an image below.

The 3 shoes shown here are available from unknown (to me) UK store ProDirectSelect, with 2 of the colourways available here in Australia at the official Reebok store which is still growing from what I can see. —BokOne 


Original Reebok Classic (1983)


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