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TDL GL 6000 (Black/White/Pebble) available 29th August


Just a reminder that the Distinct Life GL 6000‘s are available tomorrow from a few select Reebok stockists globally.

Black GL 6000‘s literally fly off the shelves, and these with the TDL touches and attention to detail (such as the camo embossed leather, gum sole and lace pendant) should be no exception. Hit the jump for a couple more juicy images, and the store links! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Instapump Fury “Michael Chang”


Now here’s an interesting twist to the Instapump Fury releases — a pair directly referencing a different Pump model, as you should know the 1990 Court Victory Pump, then endorsed by Michael Chang. I’ll be honest and say that these aren’t particularly to my tastes – being almost all-white with a minimum of colour pops – but it’s pretty fun to see it being done nonetheless. Apparently dropping in global Reebok stores shortly. Hit the jump for more images, info/pics via Sneakernews. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator Ballistic




Loving the fleecelike upper to these; a really interesting new treatment to the brutal 1994 Ventilator shoe (a real favourite of mine), offset by the clean mesh on the toebox and sides. There’s also a thematic connection to the recent Womens’ ‘Rebel Berry‘ colourways of the Ventilator, with the pair above getting the Cranberry colour identifier; the 2 other colourways (shown after the jump) are equally fruity too. Notable too that we have GL 6000 Athletics, and Ventilator Ballistics. Great stuff (thanks again to Piotr); Store links and plenty more images after the jump! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 Athletic — Weathered White/Baseball Grey/Chalk



Very artistic palette used on these GL 6000’s, with the rich purple filtering down through a Pink to a metallic Silver and a cream/off-White. Very nicely executed. Click on for more pics and store link! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Paris Runner OG


It appears that there is a new OG retro of the Paris Runner, now available from Germanys’ AsphaltGold store. Great to see it get another re-release, last time it was re-issued was 2012 with a Size? Paris Exclusive.

Note that the Paris Runner also has some interesting cousins, particularly in the form of the Paris Edge which appeared to run the same outsole as the PR. 

Head over to AsphaltGold (Germany) now and pick up a pair. Thanks again to Piotr for this info.

And don’t forget to check out the Retrobok Paris Runner Field Guide too. —BokOne


GL 1500 — New colourways… with a twist

2 new colourways for the ‘new retro’ GL 1500 shoe have appeared, with the colour-blocking doing considerable justice to the panelling design. Just one small caveat… these are for kids 😉 Still, pretty sweet to see them — and for any of you Reebok-loving Parents out there, well… Hit the jump to see the other colourway, and for the store link too.  —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Phase II — New colourways


The venerable mid-80’s Phase II runner has a new set of vibrant colourways, particularly the Persian Blue pair at the top. The Phase II is a personal favourite of mine; it has that slightly awkward-but-cool-geek-sneaker silhouette to it (think Hi-Tec or 80’s New Balance) – the strangely asymmetrical toebox playing a big part. I love them.

Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne

Pro Workout Mid-Cut OG — detailed photos


Now this is a genuine bad boys shoe. And I would know, because I went to school with a bad boy who wore these. Somehow the look of this shoe just exudes trouble; the kind of kid who had a cocky swagger, a cheeky look in his eye, and  quite possibly your lunch money.

Exact year is TBC but we’re around 1987 and 1988, and Reebok shoe styling is starting to move from the simpler, naive look of the early-to-mid 80’s, to a more aggressive designed look — and the Workout Pro is a great example of this slightly uneasy shift.

It did strange things like sport a huge wrap-over lace strap, pack a curious flat-deck feature on the ankle collar (trust me, it doesn’t do anything for comfort on the Low version of this shoe), and drop the Reebok side-window to an impossibly low position. Everything about it sits uneasily. Perhaps that’s why it has a certain less-than-positive reputation —  and I think we all love it for that reason 😉

This superb OG pair (still with its original card insert) is currently available from eBay seller jerico_st.adrian — more images and direct link after the jump. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

PB OG — Detailed photos



Continuing this series showcasing these sweet, sweet photos from eBay user eBay jerico_st.adrian are one of the holy grail of Retroboks ; the 1987 PB. Designed by Reebok USA these run a Red-White-Blue colourway, pack a Nappa Pigskin and Nylon upper, brazen red flashes on the toe box and that unique red sash down the back of each heel counter (reminiscent of bowling shoes, as I’m sure most of you will agree). For anyone wondering about PB, it means ‘Personal Best’ — a runners own fastest time.


The laces also have an alternating plastic ghillie loops which not often seen on 80’s Reebok runners; they were however featured on mid-to-early 80’s Reeboks such as the GL 1600, LC 1500, LC 1600, LC 3000 and CL 1500.

The outsole pattern is — I believe — unique to the PB, and the PB only. There is a prominent Goodyear debossed logo in the middle of the sole, and that large Starcrest & Reebok logo adjacent.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, the PB was one — if not THE — finest looking runners from Reebok in the 1980’s (and since) and is sorely deserving a solid retro to prove Reeboks’ ability to create superb technical runners. 

…Reebok Classics I’m looking squarely at you now 🙂 —BokOne Reebok PB OG

Hit the jump for more images!  Read the rest of this entry

Instapump Intimidator OG — detailed photos



More fantastic photos of super-rare Retroboks, from eBay seller jerico_st.adrian with these of a Pump I wasn’t aware of — the Instapump Intimidator.

Bad-ass name, bad-ass styling, they feature some interesting design flashes on the toebox and gum sections on the outsole, and an ‘Above the Rim’ logo on the inner tongue. Pure 90’s, and no mistaking. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of this shoe, currently available from —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

CL 1000 Womens OG — Detailed pics



More sublime pics of a mint, deadstock pair of Retroboks from US eBay seller jerico_st.adrian, with these mid-80’s CL 1000 Womens in a fetching Baby Pink and Sand colourway. Great to see the seller go to great lengths to show all aspects of the shoe, inside and out – as well as the OG box.

I notice the CL 1000 shared its outsole with the 1986 Rapide (yep, my first pair of Reeboks); the Pink Reebok logo on these CL 1000’s outsole is a really neat touch. 

More pics after the jump, head to jerico_st.adrians eBay page to see more amazing deadstock runners. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6100 OG — Detailed photos

image (3)

Fantastically detailed photos of a legendary Retrobok shoe, the GL 6100 — an ‘improved’ version of the GL 6000 from 1987 with a mix of Nylon and Nappa Pigskin upper, revised heel stability clip (notice the different shape and patterning), the same outsole as far as I’m aware, and that slightly funky split Reebok logo in the side window.

The eBay seller (USA) has some other very interesting shoes, which I’ll post up about shortly. Thanks to BokTwo for the heads up! Hit the jump for more pics, let’s hope Reebok Classics consider adding this to future Retro releases… —BokOne

Original GL 6100 Advert Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator — ‘Grape’


And to round off tonights thoroughly fruit-inspired theme are these ‘Grape’ Ventilators: lush!

Sneaker Politics (USA) More pics…. jump… you get the idea! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator — ‘Raspberry’


Seems to be a strongly fruity theme with this latest set of Ventilator releases, with these Raspberrys stepping up to the mark. Sneaker Politics don’t list these as Womens (which I did wonder about) but to be honest, a colourway this good works either way. Hit the jump for more juicy shots! Sneaker Politics (USA) —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator — Rebel Berry (Womens)


Following on from the GL 6000 post featuring a pair of red Womens 6000’s in the ‘Rebel Berry’ colourway descriptor, are these (can I call them ‘Sister’ pair?) of Womens Ventilators which run a sweet gradiated colourway and a gum outsole. Hit the jump for a couple more images! Wish (Atlanta, USA). —BokOne Read the rest of this entry