Ventilator — ‘Raspberry’


Seems to be a strongly fruity theme with this latest set of Ventilator releases, with these Raspberrys stepping up to the mark. Sneaker Politics don’t list these as Womens (which I did wonder about) but to be honest, a colourway this good works either way. Hit the jump for more juicy shots! Sneaker Politics (USA) —BokOne 

Reebok_Ventilator_Grape_Sneraker_POlitics_-11_1024x1024 Reebok_Ventilator_Grape_Sneraker_POlitics_-10_1024x1024

Reebok_Ventilator_Grape_Sneraker_POlitics_-16_1024x1024 Reebok_Ventilator_Grape_Sneraker_POlitics_-14_1024x1024 Reebok_Ventilator_Grape_Sneraker_POlitics_-13_1024x1024 Reebok_Ventilator_Grape_Sneraker_POlitics_-12_1024x1024

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