Instapump Intimidator OG — detailed photos



More fantastic photos of super-rare Retroboks, from eBay seller jerico_st.adrian with these of a Pump I wasn’t aware of — the Instapump Intimidator.

Bad-ass name, bad-ass styling, they feature some interesting design flashes on the toebox and gum sections on the outsole, and an ‘Above the Rim’ logo on the inner tongue. Pure 90’s, and no mistaking. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of this shoe, currently available from —BokOne





IMG_1189_zpse3930bb7 IMG_1213_zps16480415 IMG_1211_zps4cd3740f IMG_1210_zpscc436528 IMG_1205_zps036f19f1 IMG_1203_zpse769ee11 IMG_1199_zps0d90e929 IMG_1197_zps0452b482 IMG_1195_zpsd535b89e IMG_1193_zps4be35b19 IMG_1192_zpscc28f457




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