Pro Workout Mid-Cut OG — detailed photos


Now this is a genuine bad boys shoe. And I would know, because I went to school with a bad boy who wore these. Somehow the look of this shoe just exudes trouble; the kind of kid who had a cocky swagger, a cheeky look in his eye, and  quite possibly your lunch money.

Exact year is TBC but we’re around 1987 and 1988, and Reebok shoe styling is starting to move from the simpler, naive look of the early-to-mid 80’s, to a more aggressive designed look — and the Workout Pro is a great example of this slightly uneasy shift.

It did strange things like sport a huge wrap-over lace strap, pack a curious flat-deck feature on the ankle collar (trust me, it doesn’t do anything for comfort on the Low version of this shoe), and drop the Reebok side-window to an impossibly low position. Everything about it sits uneasily. Perhaps that’s why it has a certain less-than-positive reputation —  and I think we all love it for that reason 😉

This superb OG pair (still with its original card insert) is currently available from eBay seller jerico_st.adrian — more images and direct link after the jump. —BokOne

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Currently available from eBay seller jerico_st.adrian.

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  1. Thanks a lot BokOne. I searched these for years online: ebay etc. mostly thru google image, then I found your article, then the link to ebay. That night I coudnt believe that I found them ! And guess what? My right size !!! I have them now, certainly one of the last pair on Earth (28 yrs old). I had them in 1987, my first brand shoes. Wonderful model but also a sentimental one. Big up yourself.