Review — Inferno (Swag Orange/White)


Reebok Classics were sweet enough to send me a pair of these super-bright ‘Swag’ orange Infernos recently, so I thought it’d be fair to post a quick review of them. First off, I have to apologise that I’m not able to post up detailed photos of my own pair; my camera phone is taking very poor photos at the moment so I’ve had to borrow the photos for this article from UK’s Footpatrol (hope you don’t mind, FP 😉 ).

So to wind things back in time; the OG colourway of this 1991 shoe ran a mainly-White upper, with orange (‘Vitamin C’) flashes, light Blue and some black details (retro shown below) —

The midsole details on the Inferno were in equal parts interesting and unusual, with alternating colour blocking on the 2 pairs of triple slashes (akin to the more blunt slashes seen on the Sole Trainer, aka Mantra HXL) and some connecting linework. Close-up detail of the Hexalite rearfoot section and slashes shown below. The outsole also has almost Nut & Bolt-like shapes, which of course are Hexagons (Hexalite, see?) and is pretty interesting design in its own right —


As a piece of interesting comparison, I noticed that the Racer X from around 1992 seems to share a great deal of inspiration from the Inferno OG – specifically colourway and three-part outsole sectioning —

Fast-forward to 2014 and Reebok Classics release the Inferno Tonal Mesh Pack, featuring 3 Infernos with (in essence) single colour uppers, and simplifying the midsole appearance by keeping things nearly all-white —


The Inferno in this makeup is actually far better in real life than photos show; having a slim and lithe silhouette and being incredibly light (we’re talking nearly Nike Free here) as well as proving incredibly comfortable even without socks. In ‘Swag Orange’ it’s also an incredibly bright shoe too – not for the meek that’s for sure – and with the woven upper material (shown below) cuts a completely modern appearance (fwiw this upper material is similar to the one used on the recent Ventilator Dip-Dyed pack) —


I’m feeling slightly like I’m repeating myself, as I said this about the Sole Trainer recently but the Inferno shouldn’t be overlooked by any means — it’s a superb lightweight shoe that rivals a great deal of modern runners from Nike, and feels practical for Gym and Aerobics workouts as well as for casual wear on the street or for walking.

In this particular colourway I’ll admit there’s a need to feel pretty confident before stepping out in them, but I love these. Great job by Reebok Classics, and highly recommended for your collection or just a casual purchase. —BokOne


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