Pickup, Review & Detailed pics — GL 6000 Mid (Royal/Blue/Club Blue)


First off: apologies for a lack of posts on Retrobok recently. Fortunately, a new package from Reebok Classics has bumped me into re-allocating some time to the site, with these sweet kicks – the brand-new GL 6000 Mid.

I think you can probably already tell that this is an awesome looking shoe. I’ve seen some of the other crazier colourways (such as the Thatch/Flight Blue/Stadium Red makeup) and those are are on my hitlist already.

So what’s new? (hit the jump to read on)

Metal hiking-style d-rings, an initially-surprising outer tongue configuration which is necessitated by the heavily engineered sockliner, oh and dual pullstraps to help ingress. Sorry, that sentence was heavily engineered… Oh, and the natty X-shaped stitch detail on the swaybars, which – simple as they seem – give the 6000’s a nice extra detail at the front. Also thrown in are a spare pair of laces with more of the hiking cross-stitching detail.

Let’s jump to some more images —both3

Outsole remains identical to the standard 6000 —bothdetail2detail1 rear1

Liner detail —

liner3  tongueworn  box

When worn this shoe has PRESENCE. GL 6000’s have – pleasingly – become a pretty familiar sight on high streets, in shopping malls and at music events, but the Mid adds a whole extra dimension to something so familiar to us Reebok fans.

Reebok Classics have clearly put a huge amount of effort into this shoe, especially the sock liner which looks pretty heavily designed. With the GL 6000, they’ve created an unlikely hybrid which somehow works (the same high praise can’t quite be levied at the Classic Leather Mid which is a more awkward beast: being without a sock liner could be part of that reason) but here we have what could well be a future classic — right here and right now. Highly recommended. Thanks again to Angela at Reebok Classics. —BokOne

A few examples of stockists (number of colourways shown are at time of article)

Reebok UK — 8 colourways
Reebok USA – 7 colourways
Reebok (Korea) — 6 colourways
Reebok (Japan) — 4 colourways
End (UK) — 2 colourways
Size? UK — Black Winter exclusive colourway!

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  1. We need something more waterproof. Gore-Tex?