Monthly Archives: November 2014

Sole Trainer – New colourways (UK)


Some pretty handsome new colourways for the 90’s lightweight runner, the Sole trainer available now in the UK. Previously know as the Mantra HXL (for its Hexalite) and Classic Sole, it’s looks may be love-em’-or-hate-em’ but I’ll tell you this — the Sole is a super super lightweight shoe, and given the features packed inside it’s still a mystery how Reebok did it.

If you’ve not picked up a pair, now’s the time. Reebok UK —BokOne

SALE! Culture Kings (Australia)


I promise I’m not simply going to be covering Australia-based store Sales, but Culture Kings — who rarely appear to do any sale prices — have suddenly slashed prices of a huge range of retroboks, including still-fresh Ventilator colourways, GL 6000’s, Pump Omni Lites, GL 2620’s. dip-dyed Ventilators, Shaqnosis, Infernos…. Culture Kings (Australia) —BokOne

Sale! Pumps, Australia


In Australia, Catch of the Day is a bit of a favourite (we don’t have Amazon here, for a start) and today they’ve got a pretty decent selection of Pumps on sale. Prices aren’t as keen as they could be, but still – a pair of Twilight Zones or Shaqnosis for AU$100, or Shaq Attaqs for AU$120 isn’t too bad, and they’re helped by a capped P&P. Catch of the Day (Australia) —BokOne