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Royal Mission


The Royal Mission is one of those ‘new retros’ that have been on the edge of my radar for a while. It’s silhouette suggests lineage with the Phase II (indeed, many of the colourways currently available run closely parallel to recent retros of the 80’s true Retrobok Phase II). Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 Tech — Henna Brown/Lime — On Sale

This curio recently popped up when I searched over at UK’s Amazon site; the photography makes it hard to see what colour these actually are – a dark brown with dark burgundy? Black or Purple with a yellowed midsole? UPDATE! Apparently these are HENNA BROWN and LIME…. interesting colour choice. The origin of these is from the Express Trainers website – where photography isn’t particularly high on the agenda – but still, a curious makeup of the venerable GL 6000. Click on for more pics and link to sale store.  Read the rest of this entry

New GL 1200 shoe spotted


The GL 1200 — another ‘new retro’ shoe model — has appeared on Atmos Japans’ website – and with some further research I’ve seen they’re available from stores in the UK and Poland (I’m sure many others too). This follows from the other ‘new retros’ (I’m still looking for a neater word for this product category – pop a message on Retroboks’ Facebook page if you can think of one…) such as the GL 1500, GL 2620, CR 1000, and ‘retro tennis’ RT 1000. (click to read more…) Read the rest of this entry

New LX8500 colourways spotted in Korea

2 ‘fruity’ new makeups of the luxury classic LX8500 have recently appeared over at Reebok Koreas’ website (who often provide the earliest glimpses of new colourways). The colour blocking is pretty dramatic, with the toebox and lateral getting their own secondary colouring — and actually when you look at last years’ OG retro, through to the ‘second phase’ and these latest (third phase?) you can see a basic lineage (image below) —


I’ll be honest that I’m somewhat mixed about these new treatments; they’re certainly bold but not personally my thing — the veteran LX (originally a Mens only shoe) only feels right with strong, no-nonsense colourways. But perhaps I’m being a bit old-fashioned… Newer generations than me will vote with their cash.

Available currently at Reebok Korea.  —BokOne

The Fjell Running series (’88-’89) and related shoes — a brief history from David Foster

Fjell Runner
I was extremely happy to see David Foster post up some of his memories of one of the last Reebok shoes handmade in Bolton, UK. Even happier as the Fjell series – particularly for their matching colourways and innovative tech – are some of my all-time favourite Retroboks – alongside some other personal favourites such as the PB and World Best.

It was a bittersweet time for Reebok as a company, as the transition to it becoming a completely USA-based was by then nearly complete. Hit the jump to read Davids’ annotations on the Fjells and a range of related shoes, back in the late 1980’s. Retrobok hopes to garner more from Davids’ memory in time.

With thanks to Stephen at Reebok Shoe Archive for some of the images below. —BokOne

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FuryLight breaks cover


I’ll admit, these don’t quite fit on Retrobok, but as they’re unbelievably new and pack a speckled midsole (a personal favourite detail of mine) these get a quick post.

Really loving the look of these things, the modern mesh toebox/frontal section in particular really brings the Furys’ lightweight ethos bang up-to-date. You’ll also notice the lack of Pump mechanism, replaced by a lightweight-looking lace system.

Google results reveal nothing at the time of this post – these apparently eminated from a French stores’ Instagram account. Images and info via PumpMyLife. Looking forward to seeing these in the flesh. Click on for more pics!  —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry