New LX8500 colourways spotted in Korea

2 ‘fruity’ new makeups of the luxury classic LX8500 have recently appeared over at Reebok Koreas’ website (who often provide the earliest glimpses of new colourways). The colour blocking is pretty dramatic, with the toebox and lateral getting their own secondary colouring — and actually when you look at last years’ OG retro, through to the ‘second phase’ and these latest (third phase?) you can see a basic lineage (image below) —


I’ll be honest that I’m somewhat mixed about these new treatments; they’re certainly bold but not personally my thing — the veteran LX (originally a Mens only shoe) only feels right with strong, no-nonsense colourways. But perhaps I’m being a bit old-fashioned… Newer generations than me will vote with their cash.

Available currently at Reebok Korea.  —BokOne

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