New GL 1200 shoe spotted


The GL 1200 — another ‘new retro’ shoe model — has appeared on Atmos Japans’ website – and with some further research I’ve seen they’re available from stores in the UK and Poland (I’m sure many others too). This follows from the other ‘new retros’ (I’m still looking for a neater word for this product category – pop a message on Retroboks’ Facebook page if you can think of one…) such as the GL 1500, GL 2620, CR 1000, and ‘retro tennis’ RT 1000. (click to read more…)

The slightly curious question here is — why does this shoe exist? It’s almost indistinguishable from the ‘budget GL 6000GL 2620 (except to us Reebok-heads of course), and appears even more basic than the GL 1500 — a little research and I notice that its price point is directly between the well-known budget CL Nylon, and the GL 2620, which starts to make a little sense. However, the UK pricepoint in particular (at nearly £60) seems a little disappointing, with plenty GL 6000 retros’ available for lower prices at Amazon.

I don’t dislike the shoe – the simpler sweeping toebox seen from the lateral is pretty attractive, with the mesh upper adding a nice detail that perhaps the 2620 has been missing. I was curious too about the outsole, with a little research I found an image – it’s a new one, with a little inspiration in the curved instep detail from the World Best or Ventilators ;GL1200c

Available now (yet not at Reebok Japan or Korea, which is a surprise) from —

Atmos Japan
Amazon UK
Eobuwie (Poland)

(A belated Merry Christmas! from me at Retrobok btw 😉 )

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