GL 6000 Tech — Henna Brown/Lime — On Sale

This curio recently popped up when I searched over at UK’s Amazon site; the photography makes it hard to see what colour these actually are – a dark brown with dark burgundy? Black or Purple with a yellowed midsole? UPDATE! Apparently these are HENNA BROWN and LIME…. interesting colour choice. The origin of these is from the Express Trainers website – where photography isn’t particularly high on the agenda – but still, a curious makeup of the venerable GL 6000. Click on for more pics and link to sale store. 

Express Trainers have a pretty decent selection of Retroboks’ currently for sale: quite a few GL 6000 colourways, as well as LX 8500, Ventilators, Pump Running Duals, Classic Sole, ERS 1500, Phase II, Phase III…. you get the idea 😉 More pics of the 6000 Tech below for future reference.

Express Trainers (UK)


RE65532-reebok-classic-gl-6000-tech-f RE65532-reebok-classic-gl-6000-tech-heel RE65532-reebok-classic-gl-6000-tech-toe


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