Royal Mission


The Royal Mission is one of those ‘new retros’ that have been on the edge of my radar for a while. It’s silhouette suggests lineage with the Phase II (indeed, many of the colourways currently available run closely parallel to recent retros of the 80’s true Retrobok Phase II).

Unfortunately, I have little additional information on this shoe – other than it sits alongside other shoes with the ‘Royal’ nomenclature (Royal Glide, for example – a handsome, smartened Classic with a simpler outsole) and the Mission has appeared in a number of new colourways over recent months.

Some of it’s upper panelling hints at Ventilator inspiration, with the unique toebox lateral detail being a defining feature.The outsole is unique too as far as I’m aware. The stability clip also is notable, particular on the inside of the shoe (see below — )


From a pricepoint POV, these sit at the same level as ‘new retro’ GL 1500‘s, but below premium Classics and much further below GL 6000’s. I’ll have to ask my contacts at Reebok Classics very nicely for a sample pair to understand more about them. ADDITIONAL: I’ve just spotted a host of other colourways at :

Amazon (USA)
6pm (USA)
Reebok Japan


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