LX 8500 — Moon White/Walnut/Green — Steel/Royal/Flat Grey


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These are now – by my count at least – the 9th and 10th pair of LX 8500 colourways released since the first retros in 2013. And these ones are a little different… packing a Suede upper instead of Leather, which softens their appearance and could offer a directly-comparable feel to a pair of GL 6000’s (the LX is indeed a ‘lux’ shoe, but is not as soft fitting and light as the 6000).

I’m reasonably muted about the colourways of these, not bad at all but they certainly offer a more muted appearance than the higher-contrast colourways previously (actually that’s not a bad thing; I wasn’t a big fan of the stark Black/Green and Pillarbox Red/Black LX’s) but must admit to being tempted by the Gold – sorry, Walnut – pair somewhat.

Currently available from Germanys’ Overkill. Thanks to Russell Hall for the heads up! —BokOne

A quick request to Reebok Classics division: please consider only applying the vintage-accurate stretched Reebok logo (identifiable with the near-square Union Jack and clipped ®) to retros in OG colourways only. Thanks for the great work btw 🙂 —B1

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