Ventilator OG retro — 17.01.15


Reebok Classics are shortly releasing the Ventilator OG pack, starting with the OG 1990 Chalk/Grey/Green colourway. Read on, and for more images and release info…

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The Ventilator is cemented in the top 10 true Retrobok shoes ; while it may not have ever had the sex-appeal of Pump technology, or the tech-appeal of Hexalite; the Ventilator mesh design can – and should be – held up as a true innovation befitting runners first and foremost. Much of todays lightweight footwear owes a nod towards this classic. The additional point that the Ventilator stepped boldly away from the oft-too-familiar Reebok profile of dominating sidestripes with simple toebox and heel counter needs to be made too ; I really wish Reebok had tried harder to break more often from that formula: fortunately the likes of the Ventilator and the Instapump Fury are testament that when they did, exciting things happened.

Very much look forward to seeing these in the flesh, to check on its’ accuracy to the OG.

RELEASE DATE: Saturday, January 17th
Stockists (US): Reebok, Packer, Major, Sneaker Politics etc…


Additional: A snip of Reebok Classics’ own words below also ;

“Twenty-five years later the shoe is a classic. Still as light as it ever was but now worn for street fashion instead of road running. As Reebok celebrates 25 years of the Ventilator in 2015, three of the original colorways return in their true form; stitch for stitch and perfectly color matched for authenticity.”


Kendrick Lamar photographed by Jonathan Mannion


Kendrick Lamar photographed by Jonathan Mannion   

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