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Ventilator Supreme – AVAILABLE SOON!


After quite a few months of apprehension, the retro of the mind-boggling Ventilator Supreme is finally here. These first 2 colourways are the first out the gates; hit the jump for more and store link.  Read the rest of this entry

HAL x Reebok Classics — CL ‘Autumn Leaves’


I think we’re all suckers for good photography, particularly when there’s a pair of delicious sneakers in the frame. Read more.

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Collectors Feature #5 — Piotr ‘Natty’ Kaczmarek

piotr ivy

Second Collectors Feature already this year at Retrobok, and this time a regular contributor from Poland who loves his classic runners, particularly in collab form, and has provided me with some superb collection photos as well. Read on!  Read the rest of this entry

Reminder — 3rd Ventilator OG pack colourway released tomorrow


“The third style from the Ventilator OG Pack in white/grey/pink/black will launch on Saturday, March 14th at, Bait, Extra Butter, Private and Puffer Reds.”  —BokOne

Major X Reebok Classics — Ventilator ‘Cherry Blossom’

Apologies I haven’t been focussing much on the stunning Ventilator collabs so far this year, in the case of MAJOR (Washington DC, USA), this pair is particularly striking. Read on… 

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Furylight — Dark Sage/Paperwhite/Silvery Grey/Cherry — Pickup, macros, thoughts


Continuing the legacy of the 1994 Instapump Fury is a tough act. With this, the Furylight, Reebok have taken the DNA of that 21-year-old futureshoe and created a modern-day, super-lightweight, prodigal son. Or have they? Read on… Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 CH — Black/Paperwhite/Antique Copper: Pickup, Macro pics and a little fabric history


The most recent addition to my GL 6000 collection is possibly my favourite to date as well. This colourway seems to tick so many personal boxes: muted Black/Grey upper, contemporary colour for the flexwave and midsole blockouts, and… the gold embroidered lettering…mmmmm. Read on for more photos and history…  Read the rest of this entry

1990 ERS Attaq Trainer


Back in 1990, well before the existence of the (1993) Shaq Attaq, Reebok had a rather different series of Attaqs, aimed at sports environments far, far away from the Basketball courts of the USA. Read more…

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Nice Kicks — A “Sneak Peek” Inside Sneaker Grandpa’s Shoe Rooms

This interview with ‘Sneaker Grandpa’ makes me quite emotional ; a true sneakerhead who’s not interested in following the overtrodden Nike/Jordan path, and chooses his own: namely, quality collabs (New Balance and Reeboks are his preference).

He talks us through his enviable (and mint) collection of 25th Anniversary Classic Leathers, as well as a few others, and what they each mean to him.

“A lot of people show us the same stuff over and over again but, I definitely wanted this season to be full of stuff we just haven’t seen before, and you definitely did that…” Wonderful stuff. —BokOne

CR 1000 TXT pickup — Pics & Thoughts


I recently got hold of a pair of the ‘new retro’ CR 1000 TXT (TXT meaning Textile) in Faux Indigo/Denim Glow/Flash Red/White /Black, so here are some thoughts and photos. Read on… Read the rest of this entry

Garbstore X Reebok Classics — Ventilator Supreme

Spotted on London-based Garbstores’ website as part of a photoshoot for combat pants, the long-awaited retros of the Ventilator Supreme are still hopefully destined for a Spring/Summer 2015 re-release. Read on for more pics… 

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