Nice Kicks — A “Sneak Peek” Inside Sneaker Grandpa’s Shoe Rooms

This interview with ‘Sneaker Grandpa’ makes me quite emotional ; a true sneakerhead who’s not interested in following the overtrodden Nike/Jordan path, and chooses his own: namely, quality collabs (New Balance and Reeboks are his preference).

He talks us through his enviable (and mint) collection of 25th Anniversary Classic Leathers, as well as a few others, and what they each mean to him.

“A lot of people show us the same stuff over and over again but, I definitely wanted this season to be full of stuff we just haven’t seen before, and you definitely did that…” Wonderful stuff. —BokOne

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  1. Thanks so much for the review. It was fun to film this but even more fun to see the overwhelmingly positive feedback it has received. At first I was afraid to read the comments and had even prepared myself to not respond, but it seems that I struck a nerve with a lot of people. From the diehard runner fans to the impressionable newer collectors, it is resonating. Very happy that so many of my statements and thoughts stayed intact because I am very passionate about both sneakers and how people relate to them and each other. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you and keep up the great work!

  2. I was at home with a few beers on a Friday night when I watched it, Patrick – and many of the things you said about some specific shoes (eg; the Livestock collabs being so wearable simply because they’re muted) rang 100% true with me too – I’m at an age where wearing Ventilator OG’s in Pink and Green is pushing it somewhat hahah 😀 Drop me a message if you have any thoughts about articles for Retrobok, or even wish to do a Collectors Feature. Thanks again! Chris / BokOne

  3. Love hearing that. Honestly at my age I’m past worrying about how many likes I get or whether anyone agrees with my taste in shoes. And yes I agree with some of those color ways – the fact that it was an OG doesn’t mean I have to have it. No use buying a pair just to have it except in the cases I noted where it is part of a larger collection. I’d love to contribute in any way I can with the site. I’m going to be traveling for work for a few weeks but I’m happy to do a feature or whatever will help spread the love.

  4. Hey let me know if you’d still like to do any kind of Collectors Feature. I noticed your post on the homepage and thought I’d follow up with my offer.

  5. Absolutely man! I’ll get in touch asap 🙂