1990 ERS Attaq Trainer


Back in 1990, well before the existence of the (1993) Shaq Attaq, Reebok had a rather different series of Attaqs, aimed at sports environments far, far away from the Basketball courts of the USA. Read more…

Kickstarted by the superb advert scan below, shared to Retrobok on Twitter, I decided to look a little more closely at the Attaq range of footwear from the early 90’s.


The Attaq series was a range of Football and, arguably, Football Training footwear with uniquely British-weather-defeating uppers: ‘they can be simply cleaned with a soft damp cloth. And, although light and supple, they will get through a typical British Football season and still retain their shape’.

Back in the day I remember thinking Reebok had done a really bang-up job with the Attaq series; really tight and neatly panelled uppers, intriguing matte black TechTan material, and some untypical design cues such as the rubberised Reebok logo and slightly superfluous dots details. These things look like they’d last years, and probably with little obvious wear and tear. Sadly, I don’t really know how succesful the (non-Shaq) Attaq series was ; they don’t get much coverage, most likely because these weren’t within the more mainstream Running segment, but also perhaps Reebok struggled to get into the Football footwear sector; already dominated heavily by big-hitters such as Adidas and Nike.

You’d also be unlikely to rock Football boots as fashion accessories down any high street (although there are many who do), but it’s certainly a long-lost chapter of Reeboks’ history along with their more focussed [and studded] Football Boots, 2 scans which were also shared with Retrobok, which you can find in the 90’s Media Section.


Thanks to Giles Metcalfe for sharing these great scans! —BokOne

More great scans of the TechTan series:
Retrobok — 1990 TechTan Football

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