Melody Ahsani X Ventilator ‘Python’ (Limited)


One thing I feel particularly guilty of with Retrobok is not covering enough of the Womens’ shoes available within Reebok Classics’ range — and there are many to choose from. So as a small token offering, here’s a pair of pretty brutal (in a good way) Womens Ventilators in collab with LA designer Melody Ahsani. Read on …Where to start with these? These Vents seem to pack everything: premium Italian leather with an extremely eye-catching Python print and Snake embossing on both the upper and midsole, a pair of metallic-looking eye lace-locks, embroidered ‘Love Light’ on the heels, a day-glo insole with MA signature, 3 x pairs of laces, and of course both the Ventilator mesh and Hexalite technologies – these Vents don’t mess around.

Currently available from Melody Ahsani’s own site, as well as – at a higher price – Oneness. Impressive indeed. —BokOne

melody-eshani-reebok-ventilator-06 melody-eshani-reebok-ventilator-05melody-eshani-reebok-ventilator-03  melody-eshani-reebok-ventilator-01 melody-eshani-reebok-ventilator-04

More images from Melodys’ website —

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