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1980 — Aztec/Aztec Princess; B&W Advert


Another glimpse back in time, this time for the Aztec and Aztec Princess. I have to say, the advert offers a slightly tenuous unique selling point ; that of the Womens’ lasted outsole being offered alongside the Mens. And at greater to cost to the manufacturer!

Perhaps a small sign of different attitudes back in the day 😉 Interesting also to see the trademarked name ‘Unit-II’ for the outsole with its angled rear section, which by 1980 was shortly to become outdated and unfashionable.

Regardless, the Aztec (and revised Aztec II) became legendary Retroboks and have inspired many referential colourways since. Many thanks again to Ritchie for emailing this image to me. —BokOne

Reebok catalogue: Shoe Special 79/80


2 stunning photos of a rare Reebok catalogue from the late 70’s, which does something perfectly: simply shows the shoes and their names without any additional fuss or complication. Huge thanks to Ritchie for giving the heads up on this, currently for sale on eBay UK. —BokOne (click on for the second image, or check out the 70’s Media section Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator X Burn Rubber ‘Boblo Boats’


Another superb collab with Reebok Classics in the 25th anniversary year of the Ventilator, and this time it’s Detroits’ Burn Rubber to step up to the blocks. Curios about the name? Continue reading!  Read the rest of this entry